ROUGH ’EM UP - by Sanjay Barnela

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00:40:00 (hh:mm) ,  English
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Sanjay is one of the founder members of Moving Images, a Delhi-based media production team comprising filmmakers and researchers who engage with a variety of issues of common concern. He has produced documentaries on a diverse range of issues, including the politics of water, conservation vs. livelihood, renewable energy technologies and high altitude mountain climbs in the Himalayas. Sanjay’s films have been nominated at several international film festivals and have won awards too.
Synopsis/ Description
What do you call a bunch of girls tackling, mauling, running and kicking on a 100 yard pitch, fighting for a ball? You call that playing rugby – a sport that gifts you more broken bones and torn ligaments than any other. How does rugby influence these women’s lives? From Kashmir to Kerala, Manipur to Mumbai, state teams are battling it out to win the Women’s Rugby Nationals each year. How did an elitist sport end up making inroads into small towns so quickly?
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