Stir.Fry. Simmer. - by Vani Subramanian

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Filmmaker/s Bio Note/s
One-time advertising writer, Vani has been a women’s rights activist and documentary filmmaker since the nineties. Her work as a filmmaker spans a range of issues and concerns from the political economy of food to primary education to culture, urban development and communalism and the politics of sex selective abortions. Her films have been recognised and screened both nationally and internationally and used at a wide variety of discussion platforms.
Synopsis/ Description
It’s a khichdi out there. Rising food prices, colossal wastage of stocks, compromised policies on food security, mixed with conversations on excess, debates on dieting, programmes and journalism on cuisines and cooking. And in the midst of it all, not completely insulated nor completely embedded, is our own kitchen – the place we discover ‘our’ foods and ways, where indeed, our taste buds learn to flower to the faMilliar. But is this precisely where we also cook up what is not ours, slicing the line between edible and inedible, desired and untouchable? These are some of the delightful (and not so delightful questions) that the Film stirs up as it talks about food, memory, nostalgia, belonging, family, community, nation, alienation, desire and disgust, politics, prejudice and power... just some of the many things that food is, and signifies, to all of us.
Significant Awards/ Screenings
  • Award, John Abraham National Awards, SiGNS, Kerala

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