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The Man who Dwarfed the Mountains


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00:60:00 (hh:mm:ss) ,  English
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Filmmaker/s Bio Note/s
Ruchi Shrivastava started as a journalist and moved to general entertainment intelevision. She has worked on multiple non-fiction formats for over a decade andhas now created a niche for herself in Food Media. Creating content forMasterChef India for past four years, she has just launched Greed Goddess Media.She runs a small campaign called Light a Smile which bridges the gap betweenfood and the needy.

Sumit Khanna started his career working as an assistant to directors Aziz Mirza,Saeed Mirza and Meghna Gulzar on various feature films and documentaries. Hemade his first independent documentary, for PSBT, on the lives of assistantdirectors in the Mumbai film industry. Since then, he has made numerousdocumentaries, corporate films and promos for feature films. He was associateproducer on the acclaimed film Parzania. His film Mere DeshkiDharti won theNational Award for the Best Investigative Film. His latest work, A Movement, AWorld, A Cinema - the Indian New Wave, will be screened at the National Museum of Indian Cinema in Mumbai.
Synopsis/ Description

Seldom do a man's deeds loom so large that they dwarf the very mountains fromwhere they emanate. One such person is Chandi Prasad Bhatt, who has strongclaims to being the first modern Indian environmentalist, and arguably also itsgreatest. Bhatt was one of the pioneers of the ChipkoMovement, not just a fightfor protecting forests and environment, but a struggle for protecting andrenewing livelihoods. The Film seeks to decipher the life, the motivation and work of a man who silently changed the paradigm of environment activism inIndia and has been described by RamchandraGuha as one of the finest Indiansalive today.

Significant Awards/ Screenings


  • National Film Awards
  • Himalaya Award, International Adventure Film Festival, India
  • Best Environment Award, International Adventure Film Festival, India
  • National Science Film Festival (NSFF), Mumbai
  • International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, Trivandrum

 (PSBT)Public Service Broadcasting Trust


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