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    A father is no less than the backbone of the family. He works relentlessly to provide his family with the best, sometimes at the sake of his own aspirations. While mothers express various emotions easily, a father’s silence has so many meanings. This Father’s Day it’s time for you to celebrate that first hero of your life with the best gifts for dad. Let him know how much you love him, adore him and want to be like him, with the best gifts for a dad who wants nothing.  
    Art has always found expression in India because of the culturally and traditionally rich spirit of the subcontinent. Being a land of many cultures, the artistic output of  Indian Artists  has been a celebration of diversity in its most brilliant form.  
    India is home to some of the most popular artists in the world. Each of them has contributed to the promotion of arts in India and across the globe. The  famous artists of India  have represented the changing cultural and social milieu of the Indian subcontinent throughout its history.
    Chikankari Embroidery, one of its unique forms of hand embroidery from Lucknow, requires a variety of stitching techniques that are learned over the course of many years of rigorous labour. Techniques like Chikankari or chikan embroidery demand focus and discipline throughout execution.
    There are 32 different Chikankari embroidery stitches. The five fundamental Chikankari stitches that are often used are Phanda, Jaali, Tepchi, Murri, and Bakhia.
    Sustainable home decor can be defined as the use of sustainable accessories and furniture for elevating the look of your space. The idea behind this kind of home decor is to create a cosy and captivating look of your home in a responsible and sustainable manner. The idea of eco-friendly home decor is hinged to a number of factors and we will be talking about one of the major factors as you read along this blog. 

    Indian floor mats are fondly known as Chatai. They go by various other names across different states, but Chatai is the most used term of them all. Traditional floor mats are a great way to add an ethnic appeal to your home by giving it a quaint and beautiful look. By choosing eco-friendly floor mats, you will be able to elevate the aesthetics of your space in a sustainable manner. 

    The enticing art of macrame dates back to the thirteenth century and the genesis of the same can be attributed to Arabic weavers. The macrame knots are what make this art form super exquisite and desirable. This versatile craft can be used for making a number of items such as wall hangings, jewellery, bags etc. 

    Wind chimes personify the beautiful song and dance of the gentle breeze. Their soothing melody work wonders to entice the mind and calm the senses of the home dwellers. 
    It has been an age-old practice to use wind chimes for home decor. This blog will delve deeper into the mystical practice of using romantic beautiful windchimes to elevate the vibration of our living space. 

    Tribal jewellery is a special kind of jewellery that is prepared by Indian communities with materials found in their local environment. One thing that stands out about ancient tribal jewellery is that it has a profound cultural significance and its aesthetic appeal is highly praiseworthy. 
    Crewel embroidery is a traditional style of embroidery that has been practised for centuries in the Kashmir valley of India. This type of embroidery is distinguished by the use of fine, long-staple woollen yarn that is tightly twisted and dyed in a variety of colours.
    The northeastern state of Assam is a melting pot of different tribes with their rich heritage of art and culture. Assam has a diverse culture, with many ethnic groups, languages, and religions represented. From its lush forests, tea plantations, and wildlife sanctuaries to The Brahmaputra River, the state’s rich cultural heritage can be visible in the intricate arts and crafts of Assam. In this blog let us take a look at the different rich handicrafts of Assam.
    Jamdani  is a handloom craft that finds its origins in Bengal, India. The Jamdani  weaving technique focuses on creating intricate patterns/motifs on fine cotton or silk fabric. The process is time-taking and involves hand-tying individual threads to initiate the weaving work on a manual loom. The resultant Jamdani  fabric is airy, lightweight, and highly detailed.
    Summer fabrics don't just look amazing, but they are essential for making you feel comfortable and relaxed as you go about your day during summer. The following benefits can be attributed to the choice of the best fabric for summer.