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    Tibetan handicrafts are diverse, ranging from ordinary wear accessories to pilgrimage use of the prayer wheels. There are delicate and inexpensive handmade products, but also gorgeous Tibetan knives, Thangka, and other crafts.

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    Process of Tibetan Crafts

    Central Asian styles certainly reached central Tibet well before the 9th century, but, after that date, it was India and Nepal that were to have lasting influences on the development of Tibetan art.

    Tibetan Craft of Himalayas

    Tibetan Art was popularly regarded and intended to be used as Meditation Aids. Mostly, Tibetan painting is in the form of murals and frescoes which are painted on monastery walls. They actually depict bodhisattvas, scenes from the life of Buddha, Tibetan gods, portraits of famous lamas, “apsaras” (angels), and demonlike “dharmpalas” stomping on human bodies.

    Authentic Tibetan Himalayan jewellery & accessories

    History Behind the Graceful Tibetan Jewellery

    Each person in Tibet adorns jewellery, and it is mainly made of precious metal such as gold or silver. Each and every Tibetan use...

    Authentic Tibetan Himalayan jewellery & accessories

    History Behind the Graceful Tibetan Jewellery

    Each person in Tibet adorns jewellery, and it is mainly made of precious metal such as gold or silver. Each and every Tibetan used to wear a piece of jewellery and believed that it helped them from the evil spirits. Moreover, they used jewellery to Decorate statues of Buddha and also deities. This made them think that they might generate a positive response for the one who donated them.

    All the jewellery pieces are favoured with a gemstone to beautify the work. Yak bone is stuck in jewellery that men and women wear.  The culture is now spread across the world, and people eagerly buy the Tibetan jewellery they wear for every other occasion. The Himalayan jewellery is an elegant piece of art that elevates the entire look.   A simple kurta can look elegant if you style the same with Tibetan earrings and anatural stone necklace. Likewise,oxidised jewellery andterracotta necklace sets look amazing on saree clad women. Tibetan jewellery can be teamed together with both Indian and western outfits. The best part is that you can never go wrong when styling with Tibetan jewellery. People from all age groups can slay and rock the look with Tibetan jewellery. The Himalayan Jewellery can be styled with formal and casual outfits for gathering.  The beautiful piece of art is all about grace, class, elegance and culture. 

    History Behind the Graceful Tibetan Jewellery  

    The elegant Tibetan jewellery originated from the old age that is the Neolithic age with the karou culture. In the Xiangxiong civilisation era, the civil economy developed to a specific duration. Since then, Tibetan areas have undergone the Turbo and other empires. The variation of jewellery has deliberately improved, the styles have been enriched, and the development has changed. Nowadays, you can buy handmade jewellery online. The jewellery developed from the Tubo period and was molded in the dynasties of Qing and Ming. The ethnic customs of Tibetan jewellery form a part of national culture and status of wealth. Tibetan jewellery is alluring and has the best impact to make the best impression. Tibetan jewellery online is affordable and hassle-free to shop.

    People often use gold ornaments, and some of them even wore gold teeth, which they believed prevented them from the poison. Even the decorations were made of gold statues, and lamps made of gold were also used. You can also exploresilver jewellery,fabrics online from the best handicraft store. Silver is also vastly used to make belts and buckles. The old silver coins of China are also used as jewels. These practices were followed in the Tibet region of Mount Everest. Thogchag is a metal from meteorites and tektites rich in iron content. It is believed that Thogcha is set naturally when the thunder hits the world. Therefore, having a piece of Thogcha is good luck, and some old Thogcha items could be valuable to purchase. When gemstones are considered turquoise, coral is the favourite of Tibetans. However, they often use jade, lap is, amber, gates, rubies, sapphires etc., to make valuable jewellery. Various ritual goods such as Vajra are also used in making jewellery. You will be amazed to explore the vast collection of Tibetan earrings online in India.

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    1. What is Tibetan Jewellery? 

    Tibetan jewellery is crafted with the influence of India, China and the Himalayas. The materials are obtained from East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. Tibetan necklaces, pendants, and rings are traditionally crafted.

    2. What is Tibetan jewellery made of?

    Tibetan jewellery is made of an exceptional quality Tibetan silver or gold, including copper-nickel or copper-tin alloy.

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