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    Mobile Pouches & Covers

    Make A Style Statement With A Handmade Mobile Pouch

    A woman gives as much importance to accessories as she does to her clothes. The way clothes represent your personality even accessories allow you to express your thoughts and feelings. There are several essential accessories that a woman carries around like a comb, lipstick, keys, cards, etc. A perfect bag size is required to ensure all her products can be safely and comfortably carried around with her. However, carrying a huge purse around can not be feasible all time. It becomes inconvenient to search through a big space to find every little thing all time. 

    Why not invest in a mobile pouch cover? A mobile pouch bag that allows you to carry numerous things without any annoyance in a stylish way. A small and feasible mobile pouch will save on your time and cost compared to a hefty bag. Instead of spending a long time and getting worried about not finding a vital accessory, you can easily save your time with a cute little mobile purse cover. 

    As the name suggests, you can conveniently store your mobile phone in phone pouches. These mobile cloth pouches are easy to carry, and you can find a huge collection of mobile pouches at iTokri. Different types of mobile pouches and covers are available at iTokri. 

    Buy Mobile Covers Online From Itokri At The Best Prices

    Look at these trending mobile pouches and covers for fashionable women and amp up your style moto. These trendy mobile pouches come in several colours and include various designs and prints to provide you with your favourite look. These diverse phone pouches all share the traits of being incredibly lightweight and holding your phone, cable, money, make-up, and other tiny items. 

    With a twist of traditional yet modern design, these hanging mobile covers and pouches are worth carrying around with you to any event. iTokri has a wide assortment of mobile pouches online. Check out some of them here:

    1. Kalamkari Block Printed Cotton Mobile Charging Holder: Made from high quality cotton fabric, this beautifully kalamkari printed mobile charging holder is a great option to safeguard your phone. A convenient and practical bag that can be your favourite pick while travelling. 
    2. Handcrafted Kutch Embroidery Cotton Leather Mobile Sling Bag: Adored with traditional kutch embroidery, this leather mobile sling bag has a touch of both cotton as well as leather. It is completely cruelty free. It has a single, straightforward internal compartment lined with cotton and foam.
    3. Kala Raksha Rabari Hand Embroidered Cotton Sling Dori Mobile Pouch: A beautiful red-coloured pouch that is embraced with various shaped mirrors. Made with traditional Rabari embroidery, this is a unique bag that will add style to your outfit. 
    4. Handmade Cotton Fabric Mobile Charging Holder: Ensure the safety of your phone while charging it over a place without any support. This hanging mobile pouch will stop your phone from falling. Made from cotton, these lightweight pouches can be carried around easily while travelling. 

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    iTokri is your one stop destination to buy handcrafted products at reasonable prices. We provide high quality products that are worth your money. Name any essential product that you can think of, and you will find it in our store. Apart from mobile pouches, we also specialise in other types of bags such as  utility pouches,  online bags,  sling bags,  clutches,  handbags,  wallets,  yoga mat bags,  laptop bags,  unisex waist bags,  iPad sleeves, and  passport holders


    What are the different variations of mobile covers available online

    At iTokri, you can find several types of variations in mobile covers. The products are available in different colours, prints, sizes and designs. Explore through our collection and get yourself your favourite product. 

    What is the purpose of a phone cover?

    A phone cover is an accessory that protects your phone from external damage that can occur when you drop your phone. It also restrains any scratches or nicks from occuring. The shock is absorbed by the phone cover obstructing severe damage. 

    What type of phone case is best?

    Silicone or leather case are considered the best option among the rest they protect the phone from scratches, scuffs and light bumps. However, a hard polycarbonate case would also be a great option if you want to protect your phone from serious and hard impacts. 

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