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    Akola Hand Block Print - The Unique Beauty Of Rajasthan

    Akola hand block prints of Rajas...

    Akola Hand Block Print - The Unique Beauty Of Rajasthan

    Akola hand block prints of Rajasthan are unique and beautiful. The Akola region is famous for the hand block print of Udaipur district, Rajasthan. The Akola region is also known as the Chippon ka Akola since the Chhipa Community owns the legacy for the extraordinary fabrics produced here. The name is derived from the Gujarati word Chapa that means to Print. This place is famous for its Dabu and indigo prints. Akola has bestowed a recent magnitude to this procedure by withstanding the manipulating fabric blocks ladled in tar. The cloth is stained with indigo, and the rest of the tar is rinsed off, arising in bright rich cloth pieces. The Akola printing Rajasthan is a true beauty. Only a few craftspeople prosper in indigo printing and make exquisite fabrics. Akola’s dabu is unique because of its premium dye quality and different motifs. The organic dyes and unique motifs add value to the hand block prints of Akola.

    Hand Block Print And Its Origin

    The Akola hand block prints are in roots from the Indus valley civilisation and are one of the most beautiful crafts signages. You can get Akola hand block print online for an attractive price. The fabric is being immersed into organic dyes, and care is taken for every material produced by the artisans. The blocks carved here are distinct from the conventional ones since they are very detailed and exclusively carved in a surfeit of designs. In addition, it is very uniquely hand-printed and done. These qualities render the Akola hand block prints unique and remarkable. You can also look for pre-cut fabrics.

    The first step in Akola hand printing is to wash the fabrics thoroughly and soak them for a minimum of 36 hours to ensure it is soft and ready to absorb the dye. Next, the fabrics are dripped and dried. Next, the fabrics are placed onto the tables meant for printing, and finally, the material is prepared for hand block printing. Carved hand blocks are taken and dipped in the mixture of tree gum, mud and are imprinted in the fabric. When the imprinting is done, the material is immersed in water craters. The Akola hand block print fabrics are ready to use now. They are so attractive and can be worn on any occasion to stand out.

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    1. What is an Akola hand block? 

    The hand blocks of Akola are hand made wooden blocks used to imprint the desired carvings on the fabric. The hand blocks are made of wood, and designs are carved on the wood n blocks.

    1. What is hand block printing?

    Hand block print fabrics are used in printing as a technique in which desired pattern or a design is engraved in the block of wood and stamped onto the fabric using the dye or ink.

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