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Gift Sets

Buy Gift Sets Online In India!

Be it festive season, birthdays, housewarming parties or any special occasion which deserves a gift, selecting the perfect one is a hectic task. There are so many options out there and to come to a conclusion for just one sends you spiralling down a circle of this or that. If you cannot come to a decision for one, have you considered giving someone gift sets? A gift set is such a versatile thing that you can always ensure that the receiver will love it. You can arrange the basket on one specific theme such as bath items or organize a few different items that you know the person you are gifting it to will like. They have a little something for everyone which makes no one feel left out. They are also very affordable and budget friendly as you can include several items and not have to cross your expense lists. Gift sets are a perfect option if you’re looking for family-oriented occasions or holiday periods.

 Some of the best gift sets include a specific theme which contains items that you can use collectively like our Natural Incense Products gift box that contains everything you need to embrace your surroundings with natural aromas. Maybe you want to go a little unique with your choice, then look for our handcrafted Chitrakathi gift envelopes and enamel candle holder sets. No matter what category you want; be it gift sets for girl or gift sets for men, you will surely find what you need. Just browse through our collection and find what catches your eye and makes you smile!

 At iTokri, we value creativity and surely the creation of the mind is a wondrous thing. This paired with our range of beautifully created products are some of the best gifting options that you can pick from. All our manufacturing processes are eco-friendly so you not only support the environment but also the skills of the various people behind these handmade products. We have a diverse range of products you can look through such as  ceramic blue pottery products,  handmade bead work torans and  ganesha idol hangings  to lift the ambience of your homes. 

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri is one of the unique online stores which supplies the best handcrafted and handloom products. They help artisans around by exposing their talents and helping them with their talents, and For the style enthusiasts we have several  fabrics online you can look through such as stoles, dupattas and much more!


Where is the gift set?

You can visit us at iTokri and find a range of assorted gift sets ranging from bath items to decorative items, incense products and more. They are definitely on par with the othergift sets online and we can assure you the best quality!

How handmade gifts are special?

Each handmade gift set is made by expert artists and craftsmen showcasing both creativity and innovation. They give a sense of personal touch to whoever you give them to. You can also personalize them based on your preferences which probably might not be available for certain other gifts.Buy gift sets online at iTokri and make your loved ones feel special!