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    Kashida embroidery is recognized to be one of the maximum historical and traditional forms of intrinsic art, Kashida Embroidery, also spelled as Kasida defines its cultural essence via the medium of bead and thread work, which has won maximum popularity in Jammu & Kashmir.

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    Process of Kashida embroidery

    Kashida's embroidery requires thick colored threads and beads to create various patterns. Most of the Kashida motifs used to make this form of embroidery include naturally inspired images of vines, birds, leaves, flowers, etc., which is the decisive aspect of this form of embroidery.

    Kashida Embroidery of Jammu & Kashmir

    The motif of Kashida embroidery is mainly nature. No animals or people were found in this embroidery. Bird motifs (parrots, woodpeckers, kingfishers, etc.) were drawn on the scarf. Flower motifs such as lilies, lotus, irises, saffron flowers, and tulips were mainly found on the towels. More designs were used like grapes, cherries, almonds, and apples. Also, China Reef is considered an important motif.

    Buy Kashida Embroidery Fabric Online from iTokri 

    Kashida work originated in Kashmir during the Mughal period. Initially, it was used to make woollen kurtas, woollen ru...

    Buy Kashida Embroidery Fabric Online from iTokri 

    Kashida work originated in Kashmir during the Mughal period. Initially, it was used to make woollen kurtas, woollen rugs and stoles. The craftsmen used nature, flowers, birds, lots, trees, blossoms, leaves as their themes to make Kashida work look attractive and unique. The patterns were made with only one or two embroidery stitches on silk, cotton and wool. In the beginning, the colour of the fabric used is off-white or cream, while today, kashida embroidery can be seen on a variety of colourful materials such as blue, brown, pink, maroon, red, etc. 

    Buy simple, minimalist kashida embroidered sarees that are perfect for every occasion. Kashida embroidery is usually done with crystal threads, pashmina and leather threads. The craftsmen use different shades of colour that blend well with the fabric. The finished look of Kashida embroidery is quite detailed and eye-catching. The entire process is very complicated and time-consuming. iTokri brings you a wide range of  Kashida embroidery dress material, including cotton and silk, with various colours to catch your attention. 

    Handmade Kashida Embroidery With Intricate Designs To Steal Your Heart  

    Beautifully designed Kashida embroidery fabrics are a perfect and elegant addition to your wardrobe. The fabric, which has unique colourful designs, will enhance your ethnic look. Are you looking for the perfect outfit that is both comfortable and fashionable to wear this festive season or for weddings and family get-togethers? In that case, Kashida embroidery fabric is the best choice for you. Check out our mesmerising, traditional  Kashida Stoles that will make heads turn at every event.  

    iTokri brings you an exquisite collection of beautiful Kashida embroidery fabrics. Add a touch of Indian tradition to your everyday look with designer sarees, dupattas, and stoles made by hand and with eco-friendly colours and techniques. Try something new and pair a Kashida embroidered saree with some beautiful handmade jewellery. Spruce up your dress suits and anarkalis with  Kashida dupattas, and enjoy this fabric that is meticulously crafted and designed by our expert artisans. 

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    1. How is Kashida embroidery done?

    Kashida embroidery is done by using thick colourful threads to create different patterns inspired by nature like birds, flowers, leaves, trees and more.

    2. Why is Kashida embroidery so famous?

    Kashida Embroidery is India’s most ancient and traditional art forms, which have been practised since the Mughal era. It depicts India’s culture through colourful thread work and embroidery.

    3.  Which state is famous for Kashida embroidery?

    The state of Jammu and Kashmir is famous for Kashida embroidery.

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