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    Coconut craft in India refers to the making of useful and decorative items from coconut husks and is practiced in various parts of India. Coconut crafts in India are mainly produced in the state of South India, where most coconut plants are grown.

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    Process of Coconut shell craft

    The coconut crafting process involves drawing, cutting, sanding and polishing to create the finished product. The process involved in sourcing coconut shells for the finished product has undergone drastic changes. Initially, hand tools were used for trimming, cutting and finishing edges. With the advent of machines, there are lathes that have replaced all hand tools. This process is much faster.

    Coconut craft of South india

    In India, almost all parts of the coconut and tree are used for a variety of purposes. It's no surprise that the Sanskrit word coconut means 'kalpavriksha', which means 'life-giving tree'. It dates back 3000 years in the ancient Vedic scriptures of the Mahabharata. Even today, coconuts are an integral part of Indian life. Desiccated coconut is considered an essential element in many Hindu rituals and festivals. They offered it to the gods and to pooja. All rituals are incomplete without the coconut. Coconuts are broken during the commencement or inauguration of any new construction. Coconut shells are useful for many things after processing and can be used as bowls and utensils. Unused shells make good flammable materials for outdoor fireplaces.

    Product Range Of Coconut Shell Craft At iTokri

    Coconut shell, which was formerly regarded as waste, can be used as a raw material and byproduct to make handicrafts for both ornamental and practical uses.The hardness and durability of coconut shells are its best qualities. They are durable enough and...

    Product Range Of Coconut Shell Craft At iTokri

    Coconut shell, which was formerly regarded as waste, can be used as a raw material and byproduct to make handicrafts for both ornamental and practical uses.The hardness and durability of coconut shells are its best qualities. They are durable enough and don't break easily. It is a natural product that is also entirely sustainable and eco-friendly. Additionally, neither the development of mosquitoes nor the monsoon season drain clogs are caused by these goods.

    Products made from coconut shell  craft have just recently become more popular; interest in this skill is growing globally. We at iTokri have a beautiful range of coconut shell products that will make you want to buy everything that is available! Coconut shell art are aesthetic and looks ancient and can be used for different purposes.

    Origin Of Coconut Shell Craft

    Near beaches and other tropical environments, the coconut palm mainly thrives on saline soil. Authorities assert that the Southeast Asian region is where the coconut palm tree first gained popularity, although another hypothesis places its origin in the north-west of South America.

    Two important elements have been implicated in its spread. Coconuts were naturally disposed of as they floated from shore to shore. Coconuts are heavy but very thick, and they can float on the ocean for several months.

    Nearly every component of the coconut and the tree is utilised in India for a variety of reasons. Coconut continues to be one of the most important aspects of Indian culture today.

    Hindus regard the dry coconut as being a crucial component of many rituals and festivities. They gave it to the gods and used it for puja. Without coconut, rituals are rendered ineffective. Any new work is initiated or inaugurated by cracking open a coconut. Once prepared, coconut shells can be used as bowls and utensils and are handy for a variety of purposes. Unused shells are a fantastic source of flammable material for a fire in an outdoor stove.

    Once thrown out because they were useless, coconut shells are today a highly sought-after raw material for numerous applications. Coconut shells are utilised in the  coconut shell handicraft sector of the economy to create original works of art and household items. One of the most popular environmentally friendly goods on the market is coconut shell handicrafts. 

    Why to Choose iTokri

    iTokri is one the most viewed online  handloom store  for handicrafts in India and it has an enormous collection of handicrafts and that too at very affordable prices and range. Each and every product that is available at iTokri is directly taken from the craftsmen and with that they are also getting a chance to grow and gain recognition. We also have a huge variety of products so that all types and varieties are available at just one platform to make everything easy for you. You can discover various art forms, weaving techniques and crafts like  Blue Art Pottery,  Banaras Toys,  Bhil Folk Art,  Chirala Kupaddam,  Bell Craft,  Dokra Craft,  Enamel Work Crafts,  Coir Craft  and many more.

    The company employs over 1000 women and supports gender equality. 90% of their female employees are from economically disadvantaged social classes. Over the past few decades, this craft has become more and more well-known worldwide.


    What is the meaning of coconut craft?

    In India, the term "coconut crafts" refers to the technique of using coconut shells to make functional and adornment products.  Coconut shell craft can be used to make coconut shell handicrafts, coconut shell paintings and many other coconut shell products and coconut shell art. 

    Which state is famous for coconut craft?

    Currently, Kerala produces about 45% of the coconuts consumed in India, with the remaining 92% being produced by the southern Indian states and Kerala's neighbours. Kochi, Kerala is home to the Coconut Development Board, an organisation that is vital to the growth of coconut production in India.

    Where is coconut originally from?

    Coconuts, one of the most significant crops in the tropics, are likely to have their origins somewhere in Indo-Malaya. High in fat, coconut meat can be dried, eaten raw, or made into coconut milk or coconut oil. Coconut water, the nut's liquid, is a common ingredient in drinks.

    What is the art form of coconut shells?

    Coconut and bao shells have a variety of purposes. They are typically recycled as currency banks, soup cups, plant holders, and other items that might be useful to their owners after being stripped of their juice and meat.

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