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Handwoven Woolen Shawls from Kutch & Himalayas

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The shawl is an item of fashionable female clothing that originated from Indian, which is a long, unstructured material with woven or embroidered designs. Kashmir shawls, alsospeltCashmere, are woolen shawls with contrasting colors, of a particular design, and weave. Tradition holds that the industry was founded by a ruler of Kashmir in the 15th century who brought weavers from Turkistan.Only Kashmir’s work was mentioned explicitly, although woolen shawls have been mentioned in writings dating to the 3rd and 11th centuries BC. They are the earliest examples in which floral sprays, flower vases, and pinecones are arranged along the edges of the plain ground. Kashmir shawls are made with goat hair known as pashm in part or its entirety. As early as the 19th century, shawls were classified into two types based on the hair they were made with. By this time, Kashmir shawls had become popular in Europe as well. Thus, they are part of Indian tradition. 

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The Kachchhi embroidery or Kutch work embroidery is one of the most easilyrecognisableembroidery styles and one of India’s most famous textiles.Named after its origins in Gujarat,Kutch and Saurashtra, Kutch embroidery ischaracterisedby its vivid colors, mirrors, beads, and elaborate needleworkthat adornsthe entirefabric.Do check outthe Kutchi woolen shawl. This Woolen Shawl is decorated with elegant colors and intricate needlework embroidered, embroidery styles, and one of India’s most popular textiles, creating a detailed design. The woolen shawl is hand-crafted by the women of Gujarat in Kutch. The handwoven shawls are of fine quality kumaun handwoven, pure merino woolen shawl from Uttarakhand. Using wool and natural fibers, Kilmora’s collection evolves continuouslydue to traditional hand-looming techniques and contemporary design sensibilities. 

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  • What is a woolen shawl made of?
  • Pashmina, a type of goat’s wool found in Asia, is the most common material used in Kashmir for its woolen fabrics, including the best quality shawls. So the shawls became known as Pashmina. 

  • What is a Kachchh shawl? 
  • Kachchh is the name of a traditional Indian shawl woven in the Gujarat region of Kutch. Traditionally, they are intertwined with Kachchhi motifs in the Bhujodi village of Kutch. Therefore, they are protected as geographical indications under the Geographical Indications of Goods Act, 1999.

  • Do men wear shawls? 
  • Indeed, shawls are excellent accessories for men. A shawl is a unisex accessory and can be worn by both men and women.