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    Handmade Candles

    Let The Scent Of Handmade Candles Brighten Your Day

    Candles have long been known to provide warmth and light, even in the coldest rooms. No matter the decor, one might prefer candles to add a warm touch to the ambience and offer a welcoming scent that everyone loves. 

    Be it home or office decor, a handmade designer candle is the cherry-on-top that makes everything perfect. To give a complete look for the rooms, add a handmade candle or two. And what better than the fantastic handmade candles brought to you by iTokri?

    Buy Premium Scented Candles Online At Itokri

    The candle industry has grown immensely in the past few years with the rising popularity of scented candles. Everyone loves a pleasant smelling scented handmade candle that makes a room more welcoming and homely. At iTokri, we bring you an exclusive collection of handmade candles that smell divine and brighten up your space. Our candles don't just smell amazing, they are also very reliable, and are available at such attractive prices, you would want to buy them all.

    Choose Itokri For The Best Handmade Products And Services!

    iTokri is the one-stop online shop that brings you the best handmade premium quality products at affordable prices.  Handmade scented candles,  bell chimes,  curtains,  bed covers,  clocks,  key holders,  Tibetan prayer flags,  and  coasters. We have it all! iTokri is a unique handicraft store, and we are sure you will love our products. Shop from iTokri and bring home some beautiful handicraft items that will steal everyone's hearts. 


  • Are handmade candles sustainable?
  • Handmade candles made by iTokri are highly reliable and sustainable. Local artisans make them with natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and highly aromatic too. If you too like handmade scented candles, pick some from iTokri!

  • Is handmade candle-making easy?
  • Sometimes the simplest of items are very complicated to make. The same applies to candles. Our local artisans create gorgeous handmade candles that make your home smell divine. You can shop for these fantastic candles exclusively at iTokri.

  • When was the first scented candle made?
  • Scented candles have been an integral part of home decor and the aroma industry for centuries now. Over the years, scented candles have grown in popularity and have found favor with many. The first-ever candle was made around 500 BC by the Romans. Want to buy some unique scented candles? Check out the impressive collection of handmade designer candles brought to you by iTokri!

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