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Blouse Materials

Compliment your Saree with a Creative Blouse 

Blouses for sarees are an essential aspect of Indian traditional clothing. They are a beautiful addition to sarees. An Indian blouse is designed to expose the belly and highlight the body's contours, allowing for rich saree draping. However, it must be appropriately created and snugly fitted to the saree's design. A blouse with bad fittings can completely ruin the appearance of faultless sarees, whilst a beautifully done top can bring elegance to even the most basic drapes.

Blouses are the simplest way to elevate your Indian outfit from ordinary to "best-dressed female" at the wedding. This classic shirt has become the centre of attention after undergoing a radical makeover recently. However, with so many options on the market, making a decision can be daunting and perplexing. Should you go for full-sleeves or off-shoulder? Plain Cotton or Heavily Embroidered? So keep scrolling to see the many blouse patterns favoured by celebs and designers.

Blouse Materials to Choose from iTokri

We at iTokri have created an exclusive online collection of designer blouse pieces. So you can get them in your neighbourhood and start a fashion statement. Blouse pieces can now be purchased online with ease. We've included blouse material manufactured by our professional artisans from across the country, using excellent quality fabric and distinctive designs, so you'll never get bored. You've come to the perfect place if you're a sucker for silk sarees. We've brought a handwoven Tussar silk block printed blouse to show you. This is light and will look great with your silk sarees.

Bengali Kantha's work is an example of a work that never goes out of style. iTokri has taken the lead in making this work available to people worldwide. So, just at iTokri, you can now find the one-of-a-kind Kantha embroidery handwoven blouse item. The glistening colour and superb design of this Special Kutch Hand Embroidery Mashru silk blouse piece will surely catch your eye. The artists of Kutch have brought Gujarat's tradition and culture to life by creating beautiful blouse materials in various colours and forms.

Cotton is one of our favourite fabrics for its softness. As a result, iTokri has released Rangoli cotton Ikat blouse material in various colours and patterns. Gujarat's tradition and culture will make you feel at ease, with one-of-a-kind designs to complete the appearance. These blouse pieces are made of 100% cotton fabric and weigh only 100 grammes. Check out the Bengal Jamdani Buti Blouse, a tie-dye fabric with an Ikat border. At festive events, it will give you a sophisticated style. This blouse piece is made of pure handloom by Bengal's skilled artisans and is exceptionally soft and lightweight.

Why Choose iTokri?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is another term for a blouse?

The blouse is the most spoken word in India and many parts of the world. Although, some people also call it top, waist, bodysuit, pullover, overblouse, peasant blouse etc. 

2. Does a saree come with a blouse?

Yes, most of the sarees come with a blouse. But there is always an option to mix and match your saree with various blouses. You can explore a wide range of cotton and silk blouses at iTokri. 

3. Is a blouse with a saree formal wear?

Saree is the most commanding and popular formal wear in India. A nice looking and well-fitted blouse complete the look of a perfect standard saree.