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    Patchwork Dupattas

    Shop for these exciting and colourful patchwork dupattas to level up your outfits:

    The monochrome shades of one-tone dupattas are bound to get a little boring. Still, no one can deny the absolute mesmerizing qualities of these gorgeous colors and fun patchwork dupattas on iTokri. Patchwork dupattas of iTokri are not just gorgeous in terms of their vibrant colors, but they are incredibly cozy, comfortable, and light. The dupattas are beautiful and are enjoyable when worn along with a skimpy outfit on a warm spring day, maybe layered on an evening dress or draped in winter attire - Patchwork dupattas complete the look.

    So buy exciting reversible patchwork cotton dupattas and check out many more products at reasonable and ludicrous prices on iTokri.  

    Explore our exclusive collections of stunning weave dupattas like theKasuti embroidery dupattas,handloom cotton, and silk dupattas; Kutch block printed dupattas,Bagru dabu printed dupattas,Linen weave dupattas,Gond painting dupattas,Modal silk weave dupattas,Applique work dupattas,Manipuri weave dupattas, and other amazing authentic handloom dupattas, scarves, mufflers, shawls,winter stoles, andhandloom stoles.

    Buy excellent fabrics, weaves, and other products from iTokri!

    iTokri proudly presents mesmerizing and exquisite collections of beautiful fabrics of top quality materials, traditional Indian weaves with handiworks like prints and patterns, indigenous ornamentations, and artwork done on the fabric by hand and multiple other products. Such as gorgeous home decors, wall hangings, uniquewooden dolls and sculptures, folk artworks, bed covers,hand-painted covers,tangaliya crafts, home and kitchen essentials,planters, rakhis, handmadesilver jewelry, etc.

    Why should you choose iTokri?

    iTokri brings you authentic fabrics and high-quality products at the best deals online. iTokri has established itself as one of the most reliable online shopping sites featuring Indian products, including handmade art, hand-carved wooden figures, home decor, paper mache crafts, and other products handmade by tribal artists and artisans of India. 

    iTokri's customer service and products are of the highest quality, and its products are delivered to your doorstep in a safe, fast, and secure manner no matter where you are in the world. And thus, we promise to make your online shopping experience unforgettable, positive, and undoubtedly unique.


    • What is Patchwork in fabrics?

    As the name suggests, Patchwork involves using cuttings, strips, squares, patterns, and patches of fabrics and sewing them together to create a striking visual of colorful artwork on materials.

    • Does Patchwork make dupatta grand?

    Without a doubt, patchworks make a dupatta gorgeous and attention-grabbing.

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