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    Handmade bells hangings and wind chimes

    Buy Handmade Bells Hangings and Wind Chimes Online

    Doorbell chimes, hanging doorbells and bell hangings online are elegant decor items, which are magnificent and adorable, and complements the look of your home, while the sweet sound of the bell makes you feel relaxed. Handmade bell hangings and wind chimes are made artistically with natural products and are also environment friendly. iTokri has launched an exotic collection of handmade door and bell chimes online so you can decorate your home with these beautiful collections of home decor products. If you plan to renovate your house, get a pair of hanging bells for your sweet home, and decorate the favourite corner of your house with these beautiful pieces. You can check plenty of  handmade decorations online for your idea. Copper bells decorations are one of their kind.

    iTokri understands what the consumers need to make their home a wonderful place to live and what is required to decorate their house. So, we have reached out to the artists of Kutch in Gujarat, who have the expertise in making beautiful bell hangings and wind chimes. When you place your order, the product will be delivered to you directly by the artisans.

    Handmade Door and Bell Chimes Online Right from Artisans

    Hanging bells for decoration has become quite common these days. Check out the Kutch copper-coated eight bell chain jhummer, which weighs only 150 gm, hence it is very lightweight and can be hung easily. The jhummer is made of superior quality metal bell coated with copper, and also a few other metals are used for designing the jhummer. The unique melodic tones that evolve from these beautifully crafted metal bells remind us of the centuries-old craft tradition. Thus, they provide an aura of the golden and classical times. The trend of Kachchh’s traditional bells has expanded nowadays, which has become an intrinsic part of our home decor and festive decorations. They are made by Luhar Janmamad Salemamad, a highly skilled artisan who has grasped his father’s skills during his childhood. He has a family business of these jhummars.

    If you are an ardent lover of bells, do not worry, as the collection is enormous here. You will get a plethora to choose from! We at iTokri are committed to delivering something different to everyone. So, we have an entire range of Kutch Copper Coated 2 Bells, 3 Bells, 4 Bells, 6 Bells, 7 Bells, and 16 Bells Jhummer by Janmamad Luhar. The exciting part is that all the bells have different designs not to get a redundant product. The contrasting features give you the liberty to choose the Jhummer as per your choice. 

    Kutch Copper Coated Bell with Leather Belt by Janmamad Luhar is another artistic collection that will leave you jaw-dropped for its attractive colour combination and high-quality metal. You must also check out our wireless doorbell collection.

    Take a look at the Kutch Copper Coated Star and Kutch Copper Coated Single Bell, for they are as light as 35gms and made with high-quality metal, with a copper coating, along with a few other metals which are simply adorable. If you like simplicity, go for these stars, which will surely motivate you to reach your goals as they impart a relaxed look when hung in the room. These cute little stars are the signs of crafts, heritage and cultural ecology of the Kutch region of Gujarat. They reveal the craftsmanship of the artists and their talent.

    If you love flowers and are looking for a floral door and bell chimes online, you may find them here at iTokri, which has Kutch Copper Coated Bell with 6 and 9 Kali Flower to adore the look your house. These hanging bells for the pooja room can entirely change its look.

    What Choose iTokri for Indian Handlooms?

    We provide doorstep delivery of all your orders and return options as we value your money and time. We sell original Indian handicraft products directly from the artists, and all the products are environment friendly. iTokri is committed to its consumers’ happiness, and you are just a click away from your favourite wind chimes and bell hangings online. Also, check out the beautiful  Tie And Dye Sarees,  Lucknow Chikankari Sarees online.


    Q1. Are these bell hangings heavy?

    All of them are lightweight and weigh between 70-250 gm.

    Q2. How to clean wind chimes?

    This can be cleaned with Pitambari Powder/lemon to remove the dark spots if they appear due to heat and light exposure. 

    Q3. Are the colours of wind chimes natural?

    The colours used in the bell are natural and exotic, so they impart an ethnic look to your home’s entrance or balcony.

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