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    Lambada embroidery uses a combination of stitches and appliqués, mirror work, and other decorations. Tribal women use coins, seashells, buttons, rings, and small pieces of mirrors to adorn ornate costumes such as phetiya (skirt) and kanchali (blouse).

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    Process of Lambani Crafts

    Lambani embroidery consists of many stitches, while running stitches are small strokes that create different patterns on the fabric. Threads of contrasting color are woven in parallel lines and sewn crosswise to create a neat horizontal pattern.

    Lambani Crafts of Karnataka

    In 2010, Lambani embroidery was awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) label for its unique manufacturing process. This embroidery was presented at London Fashion Week in 2016 and has won many awards, such as the UNESCO-CCI South Asian Handicraft Excellence Award in 2004 and 2012. Approximately 300 Lambani craftsmen living in and around Sandur, Bellary County, have received GI registration for Lambani embroidery. They can use this tag as a unique selling offer in various marketing and promotional activities around the world. However, no other organization or individual may sell embroidery products under this name without registering as an authorized user.