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    Kara cotton is a type of organic cotton grown in the Kutch district of Bhuj district (Gujarat). Compared to other industrially grown cotton fabrics, it is considered genetically pure cotton and is suitable for cultivation in the Kutch region.

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    Process of Kala organic cotton

    Kala cotton, which is in the process of trademarking, is an energy-efficient and carbon-free crop. Tough and resilient even in harsh climatic conditions, it is completely rain-tolerant and grows naturally even in the arid and drought-stricken areas of Kutch, where rainfall is less than 40 cm.

    Kala cotton of Gujarat

    Evidence for the existence of Kala Cotton seems to date back to 2700-3000 BC, where a similar plant was discovered at an archaeological site in Mohenjo-Daro. During the colonial period, the demand for and cultivation of Kala cotton decreased, leading to a decline in its use to this day. During the 1990s and 2000s, weavers in Kutch made their living selling Kala cotton; on the other hand, only 600 to 700 people are currently practicing this art. Although now, Kala cotton yarn has been restructured and has the potential to become a sustainable alternative fabric in the fashion industry.

     Kala Cotton of Kachchh is the original pure Old World cotton of India

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