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Mysore Paintings

Mysore Paintings: Give Your Home A Sense Of Spirituality

All appreciate a beautiful piece of art. While art can be subjective, and people may find certain art forms more appealing than others, there is no denying thatMysore paintings have always captured hearts without exception. Mysore painting is a form of art with descriptive and intricate detailing of mythological figures from Hinduism.Mysore painting sketches use vegetable dyes and gold leaf to paint and decorate the sculptures. Mysore paintings feature detailed brush strokes and fine detailing of the painted figures. Making these paintings is a labour of love, and the artists put in a significant amount of effort and time for each painting. These paintings are believed to bring out the humanity and spirituality in a human being, which is why they are in high demand everywhere. A beautiful piece of art has the capability of rejuvenating your mood instantly! So, keeping a Mysore painting at your house can prove to be beneficial. 

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Some of the frequently asked questions are:

1. What is Mysore painting?

A true Mysore painting can be identified by the thin and intricate brush strokes on the decorative figures. The use of golden leaves for the image is every day in these paintings. It is an art that evolved in the South Indian city of Mysore in Karnataka around the 16th century. The most commonly painted themes are of gods and goddesses from Hindu mythology. 

2. What is the process involved in Mysore painting?

Initially, Mysore Painting sketches on paper, cloth, wall, or wood. A paste is applied, that helps in giving a slightly raised effect similar to carving for parts that will be embellished. This is allowed to dry before the gold leaf is pasted on the surfaNext; the board is made of pulp or waste papers, dried in the sun, and smoothly rubbed on a pebble.