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    Pattachitra evolved from Sanskrit. When divided into two parts, Patta means cloth and Chitra means image. So, Pattachitra is an image drawn on a piece of cloth. This art form is closely related to the worship of Shri Jagannath and the traditions of the Puri temples.

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    Process of patachitra art

    Patta painting is done on small strips of cotton fabric. Canvas is made by coating clothes with a mixture of chalk and tamarind seed resin. Then rub it with two different stones and dry the cloth. Traditionally, cotton canvas has been used. Now both cotton and silk canvases are used for painting.

    Patachitra Art of Odisha

    It is considered to be the oldest art form to exist in Odisha and is still under the spotlight. The first images of Patachitra were found in 5 BC. Such old art forms and trends in saris and ornaments are astonishing. When the three lords of Puri Dhama Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra are ill and kept in Ansar Ghar (sick room), the painting of pattachitra is worshiped. As you can see, the art of pattachitra was painted everywhere, but it started with palm leaves. The original leaf designs were found on palm leaves, some of which are also manuscripts. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also durable and have been preserved for centuries.

    Origin of Pattachitra Art

    Numerous civilizations and art forms may be found in India, and they all reflect the country's enormous diversity. Even though each kind of art is so different from the others, they all perfectly reflect the spirit of the place. ThePattachitra Art is one such traditional...

    Origin of Pattachitra Art

    Numerous civilizations and art forms may be found in India, and they all reflect the country's enormous diversity. Even though each kind of art is so different from the others, they all perfectly reflect the spirit of the place. ThePattachitra Art is one such traditional art form from the country's South-East.One of the oldest art forms still being practised in Odisha is the Pattachitra Art form, whose themes are typically based on Hindu mythology.

    One of the earliest and most well-known art forms from the Indian subcontinent, it dates to the 12th century. The Patta style of art that is currently in vogue, according to researchers and subject matter specialists, has its roots in this particular art form.

    The hand-painted images of Odishan songs, tales, and folklore are created by the artists over the course of several hours in this three thousand year old art style, which is also practised on paper. In addition to being well-liked as a ritual and historical tale, many people think it makes a wonderful memento of their journey to Puri.

    The themes of Jagannath, the Vaishnava religion, and the different Lord Krishna avatars are typically the focus ofPattachitra art. In the painting, there are flowers, leaves, and other natural elements in addition to the narrative of Lord Krishna and his incarnations. While Yamapati and Yatripatas comprise paintings of the Puri temple, Ganjapa is aPattachitra painting that depicts social topics. The incarnations of Lord Krishna are the main topic of Saiva, Ragachitras, Shakta, and Navagunjar. It is popular as a gift, memento, and keepsake for visitors to these areas in addition to being used in Odisha households for rituals and devotion.

    Product Range Of Pattachitra Products 

    The traditional painting technique known asPattachitra painting, or Pattachitra Art, originated in Odisha, India. According to its etymology, Pattachitra refers to an image or painting done on materials like paper, palm leaves, and fabric.

    The traditional, cloth-based painting style known as "pattachitra painting" is common in Bangladesh and the eastern Indian states of Orissa and West Bengal. The distinctive details and mythological folktales carved in pattachitra art are well known. Painting Patachitra and instructing others in this art form is a tradition that has been passed down through the centuries in the form of a prized family sketchbook. These paintings continue to be in high demand and to be offered in all specialty cooperative handicraft shops. You can buy pattachitra art online from iTokri to get the best quality patachitra online at affordable prices at your doorstep like stainless steel casserole that has beautiful odisha patachitra art,  masala box,  beautiful lampshade and amazing canavas paintings. Buy patachitra art online to get these amazing patachitra motifs. 

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    You'll feel more at home and connected to your heritage if your kitchenware and home decor are inspired byPatachitra!

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    What is special about Pattachitra painting?

    ThePatachitra art form is renowned for its fine details and the mythical and folklore stories that are engraved in them.Pattachitra is a piece of ancient Odia art that was initially made for ritual purposes and as gifts for visitors to Puri and other Odia temples.

    What is the meaning of Pattachitra painting?

    Pattachitra, which in Sanskrit means "cloth-picture/painting," is a broad term used to describe a style and format of painting that has its roots in West Bengal and Odisha.

    Who started Pattachitra painting?

    It all began when Orissan or Oriya painters began creating Chitra on a patta as a form of ritual sacrifice for temples.

    When was Pattachitra art invented?

    Pattachitra is derived from the Sanskrit words "patta," meaning cloth, and "chitra," meaning picture. This art form, which is among the oldest and most well-known currently practised ones, is thought to have its roots in the 12th century.

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