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    Patachitra Paintings

    Decorate Your House With The Vibrant Pattachitra Paintings From iTokri

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but som...

    Decorate Your House With The Vibrant Pattachitra Paintings From iTokri

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but some arts will surely mesmerize everyone. Pattachitra paintings are just one of them. Those who don’t know what pattachitra paintings are are beautiful artworks, done on canvas. The word pattachitra is derived from the Sanskrit words “Patta” meaning canvas, and “chitra,” meaning picture. They are primarily mythological drawings. This means that the art has to be very vibrant and colorful. The motifs, the designs, and the colors just make it the perfect choice to bring in some vibrancy in your room. These paintings hold the strength of making your room go from zero to a hundred. If you are a spiritual person, then these paintings are the perfect ones for you.

    Pattachitra is one of the traditional art forms of Odisha. The Odisha pattachitra paintings are a worldwide favorite. So you must be wondering, where can you get pattachitra drawings and pattachitra art from. Worry not; you are just where you need to be! iTokri has a fascinating collection of pattachitra paintings online, which will surely make you fall in love! These paintings are all authentic and are hand-made by a talented painter, Laltu Chitrakar. These paintings are perfect to be a part of your home decor. They can bring in that colorful vibe in your room. You can buy mural paintings online in India from iTokri, India’s number one destination for handmade goods. 

    Get The Best Artworks From iTokri.

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    Why Choose iTokri?

    There are many good reasons to choose iTokri. The first is the fact that iTokri never compromises on the quality of these items. We at iTokri, have taken an oath to serve the best to our customers and we work tirelessly to fulfill that dream of ours. When you visit our website, you will surely see that many positive reviews will prove that we have happy customers throughout the country. 

    This pandemic has been complex on everyone, and the artisans have suffered a lot as well. A little contribution from your end can help them out. This will also mean a lot to all of us at the iTokri team. 


    Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

    1. What is unique about pattachitra painting?

    The pattachitra paintings are very colorful and vibrant. Its unique feature is that it depicts the mythological theme. 

    2. What is usually the central theme of pattachitra painting?

    The central theme of a pattachitra painting is mythological figures or characters. It usually depicts an imaginary incident and has various unique motifs to represent the figures.

    3. Where is pattachitra art practiced?

    The pattachitra art form is practiced in Odisha. It is one of the traditional art forms of the Odissi people.

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