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    Handloom sarees

     Flaunt your Elegance with Handloom Sarees

    Rich in cultural heritage, handloom sarees ooze elegance. Every piece of nine yards reflects the art preserved for generations. Passed on from one generation to another, handloom...

     Flaunt your Elegance with Handloom Sarees

    Rich in cultural heritage, handloom sarees ooze elegance. Every piece of nine yards reflects the art preserved for generations. Passed on from one generation to another, handloom weavers fill these fabrics with a rich legacy. You can also be a part of this legacy by owning an original piece of handloom sarees. 

    Sarees are forever in trend. But, no matter what fashion trend is going on or off, sarees keep coming back. You can also make pure handloom saree a part of your wardrobe, either with a new print or a new way to drape. iTokri is the best store for buying handloom sarees of all kinds. You can try cotton, silk, linen, or a blend of two over here at the best price. 

    Get Options for Every Occasion with  Handwoven Sarees

    We prefer to wear sarees only for festivals and weddings. However, many find them to be comfortable as everyday wear. iTokri brings you a wide range of options of  Kota Doria sarees online, so you wear them whenever you feel like it. They have the softest handloom silk sarees suitable for weddings. You will be the glimmering beauty everyone admires. 

    Handmade  linen silk cotton sarees are your best choice if you need breathable sarees for everyday use. They are available in various colours and designs, giving you options for a fresh look every day. These sarees are fabulous, and you will fill your wardrobe with them.

    Shop Best Handloom Sarees and Materials on iTokri

    Buying handloom sarees is never easy. Identifying between assorted styles and understanding the fabric work is quite essential here. When you are not sure about the authenticity of fabric, buy it from the best. iTokri, India’s leading online store for handlooms, handcraft, and artifacts, offers the best sarees and dress materials. From best handloom silk sarees to handwoven cotton sarees with self-design, you can get it all over here. 

    iTokri sources all the handcraft materials and products directly from the weavers after quality checks. It helps them maintain the authenticity of the product, giving you the best one. They also offer to ship globally. Now you can buy original silk cotton sarees for yourself or send them to someone. They make the best occasion gifting idea. Especially for weddings, anniversaries, festivals, a saree is ideally the perfect gift. 


  • Which are the famous handloom sarees?
  • Although every handloom saree has something unique, few can make a huge name. Pochampally tussar silk sarees are one of the most famous handlooms known in India. Ikkat Pochampally silk sarees are favoured even more by saree lovers and designers worldwide. These are lush, soft, and flow like air when wrapped around. Handcrafted silk sarees are also great as a gift. 

  •  What is a handloom cotton saree?
  • Pure cotton sarees that artisans weave with their hands are handloom cotton saree. You can find them in several styles, ikkat, Kota Doria, Kanchi, Bandhani, hand painted, traditional Moirangphee Manipuri saree, kalamkari, and many more. India is rich in handloom craft, and these sarees reflect precisely the same.

    Buy Pure Handloom Crafts Online

    Explore the exclusive collection of handmade  Handloom fabrics  online that will impress everyone with a fine taste. You could also shop the best  Handloom stoles  and scarves online to match your outfit at iTokri. Were you looking to buy Handloom dress material online? Get designer suits and dresses made these authentic  Handloom dress material. Level up your suits and traditional Indian dresses with these best  Handloom dupattas. You could also check out these authentic  Handloom crafts of India and give your house a little traditional touch.

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