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    Applique Work Sarees

    Bring Out The Feminism With Applique Work Sarees 

    Applique work involves exquisite ornamental needlework. Various designs and patterns are sewed on a piece of fabric to make a signific...

    Bring Out The Feminism With Applique Work Sarees 

    Applique work involves exquisite ornamental needlework. Various designs and patterns are sewed on a piece of fabric to make a significant and beautiful pattern. The technique is made into reality, either by using a machine or manually by various artisans. The term Applique finds its origin from the Latin word ‘Applico’, which means to apply. The fabric on which this technique is to be practised should be durable. Earlier, the appliqué technique had limited applications. It was used to strengthen the worn areas of any garment, blanket or quilt, but subsequently, a unique textile technique was developed. The sarees consisting of appliqué work are very trendy and look authentic and elegant. iTokri  handicraft store has a comprehensive collection of Applique work sarees, comprising various patterns and unique designs accompanied by multiple vibrant colours. The collection includes Patti Kaam Appliqué Work, Pure Cotton Sarees, Silk Sarees Comprising Applique Work, and various others. The sarees are very durable and elegant and make even dull looks to be pretty. When paired with a matching blouse and beautifully handcrafted jewellery, these beautiful applique work sarees give a royal look and are fit for wearing on any occasion. To buy these elegant appliqué work sarees, visit iTokri.

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    Why Choose iTokri?  

    iTokri is the home for a variety of traditional handicrafts and handmade products made by skilled artisans and craftsmen from all over the country. The platform endeavours to celebrate creativity and innovation by mixing the rich culture of our country with modern trends. You too can explore this wonderful world and shop the best handmade products hassle-free. 

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    What do you mean by appliqué work?

    Appliqué work is a type of needlework or sewing technique where different patches of a fabric are sewn together on another fabric that acts as the base.

    Where is appliqué work done in India?

    In India applique work is popular in the state of Gujarat. The regions of Kutch, Ahmedabad, Saurashtra, Patan and Banaskantha are well-known for  applique work.

    How is appliqué done?

    In applique, several pieces of fabrics are kept on top of each other. They are then sewn together by hand or through a stitching machine. The edges of the patch are stitched together to secure them in place. 

    What is the difference between patchwork and appliqué work?

    In patchwork, different pieces of fabric are sewn together directly without having a base fabric. On the other hand, in applique work, different patches of fabric are sewn together on a base fabric. 

    Is applique work sarees good?

    Applique work sarees generally have intricate and exquisite designs which makes them very good for giving a very attractive look. An applique saree is fit for almost every occasion or event.        

    What kind of fabric is used for applique work sarees?

    The kind of fabric that is used for an applique work saree is pure cotton. Cotton is a very durable and soft material that is preferred by many people.    

    Which stitch type uses appliqué?

    There are two popular stitches that are used for applique work. One is the satin stitch which is also known as the zigzag stitch. The other type of stitch is called the blanket stitch which is also known as the buttonhole stitch. 

    How to maintain an applique saree?

    To take care of applique work sarees, it’s preferable to wash them gently in cold water with very mild detergent. Make sure that you do not soak them for too long in water. 

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