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    Juda Sticks & Juda Pins

    Designer Juda pins and other delicate hair accessories make your attire complete, friendly, and tidy. They make you seem more fashionable, but they also maintain your hair in place for a more extended period. Simple Juda pins are an essential element of a woman’s vanity and play a vital role in making bold fashion statements. We can't get enough of them, from staple bobby pins to beautiful comb pins. However, with so many different juda sticks in the market, picking just one can be difficult.

    Designer Juda Pin Online at iTokri

    Do you have a good hair day? Choose a Juda pin online and wear it with style to show off your gorgeous strands. To get rid of all the knots, comb your hair. If you have bangs, part your hair as you choose, and if you don't, simply comb your hair back without parting it. A Gulmohar flower wooden juda stick is the right pick for your style, whether you're trying for classy or adorable. Because there is one, please check the length of the Juda pin and its attachment to ensure that it will fit your hair. Style can be added with a twist and a tie! iTokri’s traditionally designed hair accessories for women will enhance your look. Handcarved sambhal wooden beaded juda stick, Ramgoolam crochet handmade crochet hair sticks, wooden seashell juda stick, Gamcha Fabrat Beadwork juda stick and many others in the collection are sure to provide a vintage look on a saree or suit. iTokri has the best collection of simple Juda pins online in India. 

    Why Buy Juda Pins Online from iTokri

    At iTokri Online, you may get a wide variety of wonderfully designed handmade Juda pins online. The wooden Juda stick will complement your lovely hairstyles perfectly. iTokri, an  Indian handicraft online store, is India's most popular and well-reviewed crafts store, with a diverse selection of unique handmade items created by India's traditional craftsmen. We not only help the country's economy by encouraging our customers to buy exclusively handcrafted items, but we also help undiscovered rural artisans make a living. Additionally, our online store offers a variety of handmade items and products, including handmade  bed covers online,  Indian fabrics,  cutlery online,  fridge magnets,  wooden spoons,  handmade coasters,  stationery,  handmade diaries,  sling bags,  dupattas,  handloom sarees,  mothers day gifts,  dress material and many more.

    iTokri is India's original #madeinIndia store, offering a wide range of handcrafted goods and services on its websites. Our services include fast product delivery (within seven days) and free shipping on orders over Rs. 500. In addition, iTokri has made an e-gift card available to our customers if they are unable to choose the right items for their loved ones.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. How do you use a Hairpin?

    Gather your hair into a low ponytail and carefully twist it. Place your right pointer finger to the left of the ponytail, facing down, once you've turned all of your hair. Pull your ponytail over your finger, twist it, and hook it. Now that your hair is in a loop, grab some hair with the hairpin and place it across the bun you've created. Then you turn it around to travel in the opposite direction and secure it with a bun.

    2. What is a hairpin used for?

    A hairpin is used to tie hairs and do styling. 

    3. Which pins are best for hair?

    Bobby Hair Pin, Traditional Juda hairpins, Bun stick, Kundan Juda pins, Juda pins with earings, Floran Juda pins, silver pins, and Gold Juda pins are the best hairpins. Scroll through a wide range of Juda hairpins at iTokri and set your look!

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