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    Kalaai is an iTokri brand curating handmade Premium Rakhi and threads from India made by artisan producers. This Rakhi lets use embellishments inspired by rich craft traditions of India and reject mass-produced products and proudly supports Made in India. From durable rakhis to intricately crafted pieces, our designs are sure to earn you extra marzipan points from your siblings.

    Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With The Most Gorgeous And Unique Craft Rakhis From iTokri

    Handmade Craft Rakhis are one of the popular segments of iTokri’s wide range of handpicked and Handmade Rakhi Collection. CraftWorks have been a huge part of the traditional art culture of India since ancient times. Craftwork Rakhis are undeniably special and tend to capture the artist's or craftsmen’s regional art forms and that region’s art culture seeps into their gorgeous artwork. 

    iTokri’s collections of Craft rakhis are the most gorgeous handpicked assortments of rakhis, offered at low prices. The talented artists of India make use of materials like fabrics, natural seeds, beads, paper pulps, stones, fabrics, wool and many more such things that can be found in day to day life. These simple materials are then manipulated and shaped to create gorgeous patterns or motifs like a Flower or Chakra or maybe something abstract. Colourful materials are used for ornamentations and a sturdy vibrant thread is put together and tied in knots to make a beautiful craft rakhi.

    Check Amazing Rakhi Collections From iTokri

    The most exquisite and grand collections of rakhis for this Raksha Bandhan is now available at  iTokri, your most reliable, trustworthy online store with authentic Indian products, delivered all across India and internationally. 

    Take your pick amongst the loveliest rakhis presented by iTokri, be it the classic  bead work rakhis, thread work rakhis,  Patwa Rakhis, Zardosi Rakhis,  Gota work rakhis, Crochet Work rakhis or maybe something that’s of a little different style like the unique Bamboo Work Rakhis,  Eco-friendly and Recyclable rakhis, etc. Get your favourite Rakhi designs and unique Rakhis from iTokri at the most amazing prices. Visit iTokri’s Premium Rakhi collections and the Kids Rakhi Collection for the best and coolest rakhis to gift your brothers this Raksha Bandhan.

    Get Gorgeous Gifts From iTokri’s Exquisite Collections Of Rakhi Gifts

    Raksha Bandhan is never really complete without sweets and lovely gifts, not only for the sisters but also for the brothers, sisters in law and for the full family. Explore the mouth-watering collection of sweets like the all-time favourite Kaju Barfis and the must-have Besan Ladoos, along with Dry Fruits and Chocolates. 

    Not sure what to get your siblings for this Raksha Bandhan? Don’t worry because iTokri has got your back. Visit the marvellous collections of Rakhi Gifts for Sisters, Rakhi Gifts for Brothers and Rakhi Combos as well as multiple other options for you to choose from for the perfect Raksha Bandhan Gift.

    Send Rakhi sets, Hampers and Gifts to family and friends anywhere across the world with iTokri’s amazing international delivery services.

    Why Should You Choose iTokri?

    iTokri is the one-stop-shop for Indian Products. iTokri proudly presents the most exquisite collections of gorgeous handloom fabrics, traditional Indian garments- sarees, dupattas, stoles, blouses, dress materials and kurtas, handmade arts and crafts, and a delightful collection of beautiful handmade jewellery. 

    The collections at iTokri are diverse and include various arts and craft forms from all across India. Explore our wide range of beautiful art pieces and handwoven clothes and accessories. Send a surprise to your close friends and family and impress them with iTokri’s handmade Indian Products. Order from anywhere in the world and get your product shipped globally because iTokri provides international shipment for customers all over the world who desire to experience the taste of authentic Indian culture, art, craft and fashion. 


    Some of the frequently asked questions are:

    1. What is a craft rakhi?

    Handmade Craft Rakhis are inspired by the traditional craftworks of India, where products and materials like beads, threads, fabrics, seeds, wool, cotton balls or papers are used as embellishments to make a beautiful motif on the Rakhi. 

    Taking ordinary materials from daily life and turning them into gorgeous pieces of art and craft works, has always been an inspirational art form and is very important in Indian Art history and culture.

    2. Will handmade craft rakhi last for the rakhi day?

    Yes. Craft Work Rakhis from iTokri are not only gorgeous to look at, but are made with care by the skilled craftsmen who have carefully put together the craft work rakhis. As long as you keep these craft work rakhis away from liquids you are good to go. Wipe the surface with a clean dry soft cloth to prevent dusting.

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