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Hand Batik Printed Silk & Cotton Stoles

Batik Prints in India

The word Batik comes from ambatik, which is an Indonesian word. The meaning is derived as ‘amba’, which means ‘wide’ and ‘tik’, which means ‘to make a dot’ which essentially means making or drawing dots. However, its emergence still has a lot of variations as its actual origin is not known. It is one of the ancient art forms made by using a dye that is wax resistant. Indian Batik designs, however, are traced back to the 1st century in Gujarat, where the Khatris have initially been the only cloth weavers at the time who would work on this form of art. 

The existence of this print in India is seen in the religious tapestries of the country in ancient times. These prints usually include the colours brown, indigo, and white and are found in various styles such as lines and waves. Batik is a very long process. Because it consumes so much time, the art faded until it later found its resurgence in India when it was set as a part of the syllabus of the University of Shanti Niketan, Kolkata, in the 20th Century.

Even today, the Batik print in India is very much appreciated and can be found on various items like stoles, dupattas, sarees, cloth bags etc. The Mandvi and Mundra regions of Gujarat, Shanti Niketan in West Bengal and Indore in Madhya Pradesh are some main centres where these prints can be found. In addition, you can discover Batik print stoles online at iTokri, where we offer an exclusive range of beautifully crafted designs.

Why Choose iTokri?

We value creativity and innovation and bring together various skilled artisans from all the different parts of India to share their stories and ideas on one platform. To satiate your desire for different styles and handmade crafts, we are the best place you can come across. Be it adding another fascinating piece of clothing to your wardrobe, adorning your house with beautiful handicrafts or picking out some of the unique gifts that will leave your loved ones nostalgic, and we have everything to cater to your needs at iTokri.


  • What is Bagru print?
  • Bagru is a region of Jaipur city. Bagru prints essentially contain hand block printed patterns crafted using wooden blocks. These are famous prints of this region and have been called Bagru prints. You can find an exclusive range of Bagru prints,  Banarasi stoles,  Linen stoles, and  Ajrak print stoles online at iTokri.

  • What is the process of Batik printing?
  • The process of making Batik is very tedious. First, it involves applying wax all over the cloth, which has outlined patterns. Then the fabric is soaked in the dye for the first time. Then polish is used repeatedly, which is of poor quality so that the colours can be differentiated. Then, the cloth is soaked in the dye of another colour again. After this, all the wax on the fabric is removed by heating it and scraping off all the wax. Then again, depending on the artist’s preferences, wax is applied to the areas that want a specific colour. It is then soaked for the last time in the dye, after which the remaining wax is scraped off again. 


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