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    We primarily understand textile art native to India and Bangladesh by handloom saris or handloom dress materials. The word ‘handloom’ means ‘handwoven’ or the loom that is operated by hand. Mostly, handloom dress materials, textiles are made by skilled artisans in different parts of India. Though these fantastic craftsmen and women come from rural areas, it is no reason that they can’t produce before fabrics and textiles leave us in awe. Moreover, handloom textiles and dress materials are essential to boost the economy of India, especially in the rural parts. Generally, handloom saris take about two or three days to be completed. The most traditional handloom sarees are made in West Bengal, and different states in India have other techniques that they use for making handloom dress materials. Not only saris but the traditional churidar of India are also preferably made from handloom fabrics such as cotton and silk.

    India is a hub for many ethnic attires of leading quality for the women of this land. Some of the most common is the salwar kameez, Kurtis, and churidars. Wearing a salwar kameez with a dupatta or a churidar remains a favourite for women in India, especially on festive occasions. It is quite a custom to wear a sari or a churidar on such occasions. A variety of fabrics are used to make these garments, depending on how favourable these are for people of this region. Some of the handloom fabrics used are-

    • Silk- The most expensive salwar suits or churidars are made from silk as it is shiny and soft in texture. Whoever wears garments made from handwoven silk feels highly comfortable despite the hot and humid climate of India. Many varieties of silk are found all over India, like Tussar silk, Mysore silk, and Benarasi silk, from which churidars are made. If you ever want to buy yourself a nice churidar, buy some handwoven unstitched silk dress material and get it tailored according to your specifications!
    • Synthetic fibres- Synthetic fibres commonly used to make dress materials are crepe, georgette, and chiffon. Though these are not as airy or comfortable as handwoven silk or pure cotton dress material, georgette can be used to make a comfortable, soft dress, and its free-flowing texture is advantageous for creating lovely designs. Chiffon is a fabric with grandeur and grace. It is thus used to make more gorgeous dress materials, generally for Anarkalis. Finally, crepe as a dress material has a certain lightness and a wrinkled texture that looks pretty as a dress material for salwar or churidars.
    • Cotton- India is very humid and primarily warm throughout the year. That is why cotton is preferred as a dress material for most garments here. However, for those who wear salwar kameez or churidars daily, pure cotton or soft cotton would be the suitable dress material for their clothes. The handwoven cotton dress material is very airy. You will get multiple choices online if you ever want to buy pure cotton dress materials online.

    Buy Best Churidar Dress Material From iTokri

    In earlier times, manufacturers used velvet and rayon dress materials widely to make salwar suits and churidars. But they started to run out of fashion as can be expected. So most women prefer to wear churidars made from pure cotton or soft cotton or silk dress materials. These fabrics are better suited for the humid climate of India. So if you ever want to gift someone some gorgeous dress materials of cotton or silk,  dharward suit material,  kashida embroidery blouse,  kashida dress material,  patchwork suit material,  handloom dress material you need to look online, where you will find plenty of options. Besides the different fabrics, you must also look for handcrafted jewelry that would go well with the attire.

    Why choose iTokri?

    Suppose you are searching for dress materials for yourself or your loved ones but are worried that you need not fret about either of you living abroad. Among other things, iTokri  handicraft store ships internationally, so you can have gorgeous attire at your disposal even if you are at the other end of the world. iTokri stocks up on pure cotton, silk, georgette, soft cotton dress materials so that you can have multiple options of fabrics to choose from depending on the occasion. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that iTokri is your holy grail for beautiful traditional attire.

    Buy Cotton crafts online

    Check out the mesmerizing, traditional Pure Cotton sarees online that will make heads turn at every event. You could also explore and buy Pure Cotton stoles and scarves online to match your outfit.

    Were you looking for the best Pure Cotton fabric online? Your search ends at iTokri. Get designer suits and dresses made of these authentic Pure Cotton fabrics. Also, level up your suits and Indian dresses with these best Pure Cotton dupattas.

    You could also explore the exquisite collection of the beautiful Pure Cotton crafts of India and give your clothing and house a little traditional touch.


    Q1. Is pure cotton the same as 100% cotton?

    Ans. Pure cotton is not the same as 100% cotton. The label “pure cotton” in India indicates that the amount of cotton used in the dress material is pure. In comparison, 100% cotton means that the dress material is made completely of cotton and no other textile.

    Q2. How to tell if cotton is pure?

    Ans.One can iron pure cotton fabric or dress material safely, and it doesn’t shrink. Moreover, pure cotton is very soft and feels natural to the touch.

    Q3. Is cotton a natural fiber or synthetic?

    Ans. Synthetic fibers are those which are artificial. For example, cotton is a natural fiber as natural fibers are sourced directly from nature, where they naturally occur.

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