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Sanganeri Block Printed Shorts

Ever Heard Of Sanganer Printed Shorts?

If you have never heard of Sanganeri printed shorts, well, we’re about to enlighten you. We’re not going to urge you to buy Sanganeri print shorts, but this article will definitely lead you to this decision. Here goes…

About Sanganeri Block Printing

Sanganeri block printing is an old tradition of ours that originated in Rajasthan. Areas like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Nathdwar, Jaipur, and Sanganer are some of the places where block printing is done.

Sanganer is located close to Jaipur, about 15 miles distance, to be precise. Factors like water, sunlight, humidity, local herbs, and flowers are used in the printing process. The hand-block printing industry is blessed, truly.

History Of Sanagneri Block Printing

Evidence has it that block printing can be traced back to even the Presbyterian era. If legends are to be believed China, as well as India, first made blocks for printing on cloth. In fact, the textile industry of India was quite a niche in itself, in the early Christian period. For this very reason, Sanganeri print was the first export of the East India Company, for this very reason.

Printing is done by the family, in fact, it is a skill that is passed down by many generations. Initially, this print was worn only by the royal family, but with time, it was spread to the masses even.

 Colors Used In Sanganeri Block Print

The colors used were naturally derived from sources like turmeric for yellow, banana leaf was used for extracting green pigment, iron rust was used for black, blue was taken from the indigo plant, and purple was taken from sugarcane, sunflower, and crimson insects.

Because naturally sourced pigment is used, the clothes can smell a bit weird, but nothing too major, that’s how they are supposed to be. The best thing about Sanganeri print is that the colors do not hurt your eyes, in fact, they have quite a calming effect.

Now that the demand for this print has increased technology has in a way taken things over. People have started using chemical dyes and you will get to choose from peculiar combinations of scarlet and pink, purple and orange, sapphire and green even. 

 WHY iTokri?  

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No two pieces look even a little similar. It’s like creativity at its peak on that page. Mustard, multi-colored, crimson red, navy blue, the list is endless. Although all are flower motifs but still so different from each other. Our shorts retail just for 690 rupees, which is not a lot to ask for as compared to other e-commerce websites, in fact, we are reasonable people. Do not mistake it for a compromise with the quality, no, not at all. We do not dupe our customers.

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1. What is the speciality of Sanganeri block printing?

The printing still is done by hand only, which makes it world-famous.

2. Where did Sangneri Print originate?

It originated in Sanganer, Rajasthan, India.