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    Tangaliya is a weaving technique in which the pattern is woven into the fabric by placing raised points of thread that are visible on both sides of the fabric. This technique requires skill, agile fingers, attention to detail, and of course patience.

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    Process of Tangaliya weaving

    Tangaliya is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. The contrasting colored threads are twisted into groups of 4-5 warps to create dana or beadwork. Geometric motifs are very sturdy for the rest of their lives, but give the impression of intricate weaving. "The weaver's fingers feel just the right number of threads and weave extra wefts around them."

    Tangaliya Weaving of Gujarat

    The dots you see on the Tangalia sari are not embroidered but made in the weaving process. But how? This is an additional weft technique. Multiple dots are put together to form a pattern. Then the colored thread is tightly twisted on a fixed number of warp threads to make one dot. To create more dots, the weaver unwinds the coils of colored thread and separates the fibers. Then he uses his thumb to pick up two warp threads at once. And by this these dost are formed during the weaving process.

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    Tangaliya weave is a unique and traditional weaving technique mainly practised in Gujarat, India. Tangaliya is an indigenous an...

    Buy the Gorgeous Tangaliya Craftworks Online On iTokri!

    Tangaliya weave is a unique and traditional weaving technique mainly practised in Gujarat, India. Tangaliya is an indigenous and ancient craft of weaving where the yarn is woven to form bead like imitation on the fabric and is deftly patterned into motifs on the cloth. 

    Tangaliya craftworks are unique and were on the verge of endangerment for a long time as industrialisation and globalisation took over, driving back cottage industries and traditional textile weaving techniques passed down from generations in tribal villages. But many NGOs and organisations have worked hard towards the single goal of reviving and self-sustaining rural artisans and their craftworks, thus successfully saving this regal craftwork and weave called Tangaliya weaving. 

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