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    Sanganeri Dupattas

    Sanganeri Block Printed Dupattas - A Gorgeous Weave that is a Must-Have in your Wardrobe:

    Sanganeri hand block printing on fabrics is a traditional fabric pattern designing form originating in the 16th century in Rajasthan. Traditionally, this delicate, detailed pattern on fabrics was made against a muted coloured background, and the printed designs are exceptionally complex and intricate. First, a wooden block is carved and hallowed to form creases and edges in the pattern of vines, flowers, intricate designs etc... Then this block is dipped in fabric dyes and printed all over the fabric that has been prepared and dyed previously to create a gorgeous and vibrant background for the designs and motifs. Shop for more exciting and gorgeous fabric prints like Shibori tie-dye stoles, natural dyed dupattas, pure gajji silk dupattas, Kasuti embroidery dupattas and Linen weave dupattas. 

    Why is iTokri a Favourite when it Comes to Online Shopping for Indian Products?

    iTokri immensely values the authenticity and quality of our products. With thousands of wonderful handmade, hand-painted and handcrafted creations by rural and urban artisans on our website, we aim to provide our customers with the best quality and purely authentic and indigenous handmade Indian products and fabrics. 

    iTokri works closely and has been partners with multiple NGOs and organisations that aim to provide financial stability to rural and tribal artisans and craftsmen in rural and urban India. These organisations seek to encourage the production and protection of traditional arts and crafts of India that would have otherwise gone extinct with the development of globalisation and industrialisation in India. Apart from these, iTokri and these organisations also support the women artists and artisans of rural and tribal India to earn their livelihood and become financially stable.

    iTokri’s exceptional, fast and quality delivery services also play a huge role in why iTokri is such a beloved online shopping site worldwide. iTokri delivers internationally, following Covid-19 safety protocols like no-contact deliveries.


    Some of the frequently asked questions are:

  • What is Sanganeri block printing?

  • Sanganeri is a craft of printing intricate patterns of floral and detailed designs on a prepared ground of coloured fabric as the background. This craft is at least 500 years old and is of great importance to the Indian culture of weaves, fabric crafts and arts. 

  • How many types of block printing are there?

  • There are multiple forms of block printing that have their unique looks and beauty in them. There are over ten most popular forms of block printing in India that range from Bagh block printing, Dabu block printing, Ajrak block printing, Sanganeri block printing, Bagru block printing etc. The types of block printing can also be categorised per their fabric printing techniques- Direct style, Discharge style and the Resist style of fabric printing.

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