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    Bhil Paintings

    Buy Bhil Paintings Online From iTokri And Experience The Magic Of This Tribal Art!

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    Buy Bhil Paintings Online From iTokri And Experience The Magic Of This Tribal Art!

    The history of Bhil art is as old as the Bhil tribe it originates from. Residing in western and central India, the tribe of the Bhil people is the second-largest tribe in the country. Due to their closeness with nature, bhil paintings depict the tribe’s relation with agriculture,natural phenomena that determine a harvest, and gods to pray.Buy handmade Bhil paintings online from iTokri made by the talented family of Bhuribai, a famous Bhil artist. These exquisite creations include depictions of daily tribal life and are beautiful due to their utter simplicity. Buy Bhil paintings online in India from iTokri if you are an admirer of local and cultural art. The timeless character of these paintings is what makes them a  perfect addition to your living space. The unique feature of a Bhil painting is the presence of numerous dots, which are skillfully repeated throughout the entire painting in various beautiful patterns and colors. The dots are inspired by kernels of maize, which is the staple crop of the Bhil tribe. Buy a Bhil Pithora painting from iTokri and bring home a piece of the vibrant tribal life of this local community!

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    Why are Bhil paintings so famous?

    Bhil paintings are famous for their simple depiction of everyday life through natural colors and artistic dots, representing the deities of the Bhil tribe. Their paintings are always in close harmony with nature, with different animals, plants, and seasons portrayed with creativity. 

    What is the history of Bhil painting?

    The history of Bhil painting is as old as the history of the Bhil tribe, which resides in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.Traditionally, Bhil art would be showcased on tribe members’ clay walls. The beautiful scenes depicted would be painted on with neem sticks and other twigs and natural dyes. Later on, the painting technique started making use of canvas.

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