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    Kasuti is the world-famous embroidery of the state of Karnataka. The word kasuti, made up of "kai", means "hand" and "suti" means cotton yarn. In other words, Kasuti is a handmade embroidery with cotton yarn. It tells about the Karnataka people, their customs, heritage, and culture.

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    Process of Kasuti Embroidery

    Kasuti is done using a number of threads. No canvas is used. Stitches in kasuti are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, and there was a need to fill the empty space to complete the line or motif. In earlier times, the material from which Kasuti embroidery was made was usually Khann, which is mainly used for blouses and Irkal sari.

    Kasuti Embroidery of Karnataka

    Do you know Kasuti is one of those 64 arts that women courtiers in the Mysore Kingdom expected to be adept at in the 17th century? This style basically originated way back in the 7th century in the lands of Western Karnataka in the regions of Dharwad.

    Kasuti Designs

    Are you a fan of collecting new, embroidered material and exploring the d...

    Kasuti Designs

    Are you a fan of collecting new, embroidered material and exploring the different crafts and culture from all corners of India? In that case, you must be eager to explore more embroidery to add to your collection for this season! Even if you are not a collector, you can simply decorate your house with these embroidered items. It can change the look of your room and charm everyone who might visit your home! Wondering what embroidery we are talking about? It’s none other than the beautifulkasuti embroidery andkasuti designs.Kasuti embroideryis a folk embroidery practised in the state of Karnataka that has worldwide demand! Clothes and home decor made usingkasuti designs are beautiful and admired by all!

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    1. What are the different embroidery stitches?

    There are seven basic stitches in embroidery, and those are:

    • Running Stitch
    • Backstitch
    • Satin Stitch
    • Stem Stitch
    • French Knot
    • Lazy Daisy
    • Woven Wheel
    1. What do kasuti designs look like?

    Kasuti work involves embroidery in intricate patterns like gopura, chariot, palanquin, lamps and conch shells. The intricate design is the trademark of kasuti designs. 

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