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    Chettinad Sarees

    Buy Authentic And Traditional Chettinad Silk Cotton Saree Online From iTokri.

    Also known as Kandaangi sarees, Chettinad sarees are traditional pieces curated in Tamil Nadu. Famous for their ability to absorb sweat and keep your body cool during hot temperatures, these sarees are the perfect pick for the summer season. They are hand-woven sarees that are thick and not translucent. At iTokri, you will find authentic and ethnic sarees that would elevate your looks. They are incredibly comfortable and simple. You can choose your ideal traditional outfit for upcoming festivals from iTokri’s exclusive collection of Chettinad sarees. 

    Check Out The Beautiful Collection Of Chettinad Sarees That You Can't Resist Yourself Buying:

    1. Traditional Chettinad Kandangi Cotton Saree from Tamil Nadu: This hot red saree with a creative design border is a must add to your saree collection. Made from fine quality cotton fabric, you can wear this any time of the year to your ceremonies.
    2. Traditional Chettinad Kandangi Pure Cotton Saree:This green saree with contrasting colour borders is the perfect option if you are looking for a unique colour screen. Make yourself stand out from the crowd with this classic green-coloured saree at any wedding function that you attend!
    3. Traditional Chettinad Kandangi Pure Cotton Thread Border Saree from Tamil Nadu:A gorgeous saree with simple and basic thread borders is all you need to fill your wardrobe. The beautiful orange colour and simple frames are enough to earn quite a few compliments. 

    iTokri has a varied collection of different colours and patterns sarees across the store. IF you love fabrics or materials, check out the beautiful  fabrics online from India's best handcrafted and handloom products. Apart from Chettinad sarees, you can also check out other products such as  Manipuri weave saree,  silk weave saree, or  Chettinad silk sarees.You might end up getting confused, but there is no harm in buying more than one fantastic saree! 

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri provides you with the best of everything. It has got you the finest products, curated from different regions worldwide, at one online place. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it easier for you to choose your perfect match for all your requirements. 


    1. Is Chettinad cotton soft?

    Yes, the cotton is soft and highly comfortable, especially during summer. 

    2. Are handmade sarees unique?

    Handmade sarees are unique since you won't find the same pattern or design printed on one saree on the other one. As a result, they are captivating and memorable. 

    3. Which area is Chettinad?

    Chettinad is a historical region situated in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu. It is famous for its food, historical architecture, and agriculture. 

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