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Diwali Gifts @ iTokri

Make your Loved One’s Diwali Special with iTokri

The festival of Diwali is known for its symbol of prosperity, love, and appreciation. When the morning rituals of puja are done, we visit everyone to convey our passion and joy to our family and friends. However, the Diwali gifts aren't just random gifts; and they are far more meaningful. People exchange gifts at Diwali as a way of showing their companionship and affection. In addition, it symbolizes the values and respect of our Indian culture. 

Significance of Exchanging Gifts on Diwali

Taking part in a gift exchange on the festive occasion of Diwali is nothing new. India has been practicing its Diwali gift-giving tradition for many years now. Indian people had a habit of sharing when they had little to share, and their livelihood depended on farming. Diwali decorations and sweets from home were once made at home by homemakers, and then they exchanged them at Diwali with their family and friends. A tradition of exchanging  Diwali gifts under 1000 to show love and appreciation used to be more personal and intimate back in the day. With the traditional Diwali gift-giving method, we have learned to select a unique and creative gift.

The increasing competition and challenge in Diwali gift-giving have reached a new level of challenge and competition. People have entirely lost sight of the true spirit and replaced it with materialistic gifts. Nowadays, people exchange gifts to show off their wealth and status. The pure emotions and feelings of Diwali have been wholly forgotten. These days, Diwali gifts can range from expensive electronic gadgets to valuable jewelry. It is important to remember that gifts are meant to be exchanged in a more creative way, rather than just for the sake of showing off wealth. Be inspired by our ancestors by giving small meaningful gifts this Diwali. Love and harmony are celebrated at this festival. 

The Importance of Corporate Gifts during Diwali 

Increasing economic growth has also led to an increase in market size. To remain competitive and to keep a strong working relationship,  corporate gifts have grown in importance. Each member of the corporate world, whether employees, clients, business associates, or dealers, is critical to the brand. Corporate gifts are beneficial to recognize talent, to thank customers for their business, or to appreciate their loyalty. Historically, corporate gifts have served as a symbol of importance. Diwali is the largest festival in India, and there is a substantial demand or tradition of corporate gifting during this time. The festive season is when large, medium, and small companies alike buy corporate gifts to celebrate the season. 

People work hard to earn money that they then use to live their dreams and support their families. Therefore, it is essential to recognize hard work. One can show appreciation for loyal employees with corporate Diwali gifts. Consequently, they will feel ecstatic, which will, therefore, in turn, increase their productivity. Corporate Diwali gifts can also aid client engagement. For instance, if a business sends a customer a planter, mug, or calendar with the brand name and tagline, that will only be useful to the company. Undoubtedly, the client's brand name, logo style, and slogan will be recognizable to anyone close to that client who sees that particular gift. You can call that a company-oriented strategy.

There will always be a sense of competition in the market. For example, chocolates contain thousands of products, but people have different favorite brands. Additionally, a client or customer may also form business relationships with other companies. Sending corporate gifts on festive occasions like Diwali can make a big difference in this situation. When people know, and like someone, they are more likely to do business with that person. If a client receives a unique and thoughtful gift, this will distinguish the company as a valued partner. Diwali corporate gifts make these happy thoughts even happier. Happiness boosts creativity and productivity, according to research. We celebrate Diwali again with dazzling gifts that symbolize the message of love and hope forever.

Give Meaningful Gifts this Diwali from iTokri.

iTokri has a great selection of thoughtful and creative gifts for Diwali like  Diwali pooja thali,  luxurious Ganesha idol, and  Diwali sweets. We have curated the best present for your special ones with our special hampers. This is an ideal Diwali  gift hamper for family and friends and even for corporate and  premium gifts

The  Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Areca Leaf Basket Gift set is a special assorted gift package consisting of 6 floating candles individually and carefully hand-poured. First, the flowers are dried and pressed, and then they are gently attached to areca leaf tokris with marble stone Ganesha; Candles also make a fantastic gift and any space can benefit from its aesthetic appeal. Their beautiful appearance and subtle release of energy into a room provide a stylish focal point, lit or not. There is nothing better to give than something that brings positivity and light into your space! 

The  Areca Leaf Basket Gift Set by Sri Aurobindo Ashram contains three varieties of natural incense sticks, natural incense cones, ceramic agarbatti stands made from natural herbs, and no chemical dyes or colors are used. Having incense sticks lit in your room can alleviate your mood and calm your mind. The stimulation of your senses and relaxation of your nerves makes you less anxious. Additionally, they have the power to purify the air. The stimulation of nerve connections can also improve productivity. We believe this hamper is the perfect gift you can give your loved ones as a thoughtful token of love.  

Why Buy from iTokri?

With iTokri, you can buy traditional handmade products, fabrics, and handicrafts online from all over India that are a must-have for ethnic lovers. It values Indian skilled artists, recognizing their original and eco-friendly work and giving them the recognition they deserve. As each person from a different country region has their tastes and preferences, the company conducts market research simultaneously to discover what consumers need. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and customer service is excellent. We work with talented local artists, deliver globally within a day, and personalize motivation for every order we send in the form of handmade cards, notes, and gifts. iTokri is the one-stop-shop for authentic Indian handmade products.