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Handmade Fridge Covers

The Importance Of Fridge Covers 

Who doesn't want to maintain their electronic devices? A refrigerator is not an appliance that's bought over and over. It's a one-time investment. So, it is necessary to keep it away from dust and scratches. A fridge cover is a perfect solution to your daily problems. Apart from preventing the appliance from scratching and getting dirty, it also has several other uses. For example, if your refrigerator is kept where it gets exposed to the sun, the cover will block the metal shell from getting too hot. In addition, the cover does not affect the refrigerator's cooling effect. We sure don't want it to lose its magnificent luster. It also has multiple pockets that are always a savior. 

Best Material Fridge Cover With Multiple Pocket Covers

Fridge cover with pockets? Tell us something better than that. Be it a dress or a fridge cover, pockets added to the product become a must-buy. The multiple pockets cover help in saving space. So you can keep the utilities that are needed in day-to-day life. Don't want your kitchen to look messy? Pockets are your friend.

When we think of buying cloth, we think about their material. The fridge cover is no exception to it. A lot of things depend on the fabric used to make the product. The need is to look for a long-lasting product that does not fade away with time. But the challenging task is to find the ideal material. Don't be scared. We have already done the homework and found the best materials you can rely upon. 

  • PVC material: It ticks all the qualities an ideal material must have, except one. Even though this material poses fewer dangers to the environment when compared to the others, it is still non-biodegradable. Imagine how much impact your single purchase can make on the environment. 
  • Polyester: The material is durable and has excellent qualities for a fridge cover. However, the production of polyester requires a significant amount of energy. In addition, it is made of wood and oil, making it less desirable because the resources are exploited.  
  • Cotton: Hands down! Cotton is the best. It has won our hearts for years. The covers made from this material are sustainable and durable. It is the best material to drape your refrigerator. 

Why Choose iTokri?

We are a leading  handicraft store that delivers the best quality handmade fridge covers online. Our artisans put their best work into these intricately designed covers. The amount of hard work they put into making this product is commendable. You get an option to choose from a wide range of patterns according to your need. Are you looking for a cotton fridge cover online? iTokri is your store. Cotton's exceptional qualities make it a versatile fabric. You have no reason to opt for some other material against the cotton. Oh no! You also want to go through some fantastic hand-block printed covers; you know from where to buy them. Our products are durable. Moreover, it is easy to wash. 

India is a country where we are taught to value even non-living things. So, if you are from India or any other place searching for a fridge cover online, we will provide you with a hassle-free service. So, buy a fridge cover from us and reap its benefits for years.

iTokri does not stop at fridge covers. It thrives on making all sorts of handmade items. In the covid hit world, wearing a mask has become essential. As the mask is worn on the face, the wrong material mask can prove fatal for the skin and breathing process. And so, the  face mask online needs to be of super-fine quality. With this thought, iTokri came with a cotton mask. You can buy a cotton mask that is breathable and comfortable. If you need a  handloom sarees,  dupatta online, or  cotton dress material online, iTokri has it all! All the products on our online store are perfect gifts for Women's day and other auspicious occasions. 


1. What is the use of handmade fridge covers?

Intricately designed handmade covers are eco-friendly and sturdy. So, why not buy something that directly impacts the environment. 

2. How to cover fridge handle?

We have a solution for this too. iTokri has a beautiful range of fridge handle covers that will prevent dust, stickiness, and scratches.