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    Originated in the Heart of India i.e. Madhya Pradesh, Gond Art is a well-known folk art of painting. The colors used in these paintings are extracted naturally from plant sap, leaves, colored soil, charcoal, and even cow dung.

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    Process of Gond Painting

    The paints used for Gond Painting are basically derived naturally from objects such as charcoal, coloured soil, plant sap, mud, flowers, leaves and even cow dung. It is said that due to the scarcity of natural colours, Gond artists have begun to use poster colours and canvas to paint on.

    Gond Painting of Madhya Pradesh

    Earlier, Gond Painting was primarily done to preserve and communicate the culture of the Gond tribal community. It is believed that The Gond tribe had faith that seeing a good image brings lots of good luck to them. That's why Gond tribal paintings are made on various festivals, rituals, and ceremonies such as Diwali, Karva Chauth, Nag Panchami, birth, marriage, etc.

    Add A Fresh Breath Of Life With Gond Paintings!

    While the Republic of Bharat is famous for various art variants, one of the integral types of painting is Gond painting. A type of painting where folks and arts of tribal pr...

    Add A Fresh Breath Of Life With Gond Paintings!

    While the Republic of Bharat is famous for various art variants, one of the integral types of painting is Gond painting. A type of painting where folks and arts of tribal practised by one of the biggest tribes in India with whom it part its name. Gond paintings are a reflection of the military man’s ending connective with his natural surroundings. It is said that Gond paintings resemble native art from Australia. While Gond paintings are mostly from Madhya Pradesh, it is also quite green in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh.

    Gond paintings can best be described as ‘online work’ that leaves an immediate effect on the viewer. The demarcation is used in a way where it conveys a change in movement to the fixed images. On the other hand, dits and dahs are added to relate a sizable understanding of movement and increase detail. In the end, the artwork is finished with bright, vivid colours that bring the painting to complete a full circle. These unique features offer this painting the chance to provide you with the best home decor! Want to shop from the best Gond painting collection products? Just explore the vast collection of products brought to you by iTokri!

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    Gond art has become so prominent that India’s Government has stepped in to preserve their art form for future generations to enjoy. Make this marvellous art form a part of your life, and cherish it to the fullest with the products brought to you by iTokri. That's right, iTokri understands the need for genuine and authentic products; hence, we bring you an exclusive collection of Gond painting products that will add a fresh breath to your life. From home decor to fashion, there´s something for all your needs. It will not just make a new addition to your home, but it will also add an evergreen product to your carefully curated collection. Check out this fantastic collection of available products at steal-worthy prices, and bring home a piece of artifact that you will adore to the fullest!

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  • How is Gond art made?
  • Gond art is made prominently with lines, dots, and dashes that offer a ¨one line work¨ impression that attracts the viewers. It is finished with vivid bright colours that further add to its beauty!

  • What are the main elements of Gond art?
  • Gond paintings are a reflection of one person’s close connection with his natural surroundings. They are curated with lines, dashes, and dots that offer a vivid sense of movement and further increase the detail that makes the painting even more attractive. Explore the fantastic Gond painting products brought to you by iTokri and make a valuable addition to your home!

  • Which state is famous for Gond painting?
  • Gond paintings are predominantly from Madhya Pradesh, it is also quite common in parts of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Chhattisgarh. Buy the Gond paintings online at

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