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    Kids Shirts

    Buy Kids Shirt Online From iTokri.

    Dressing up children is indeed fun. If you are looking forward to building up a wardrobe for your child or gifting options, then iTokri presents the collection of kids' shirts to you. If you are looking to buy kids’ shirts online in India but have no idea where to get them or what kind to buy so that you are not wasting your money, you must check out our collection. We have printed shirts in Bagru print, Ikat, Ajrakh, and other traditional designs. The fabrics are cotton, linen, and others that will not make the child feel uncomfortable. With fast fashion slowly making it challenging for everyone to get their money’s worth and introducing cheap fabrics in the market, iTokri is attempting to bring together local artisans who are passionate about keeping these arts alive and the customers who believe in being ethical. 

    Trendy Prints In Shirts 

    Shirts for children online usually are all the same. iTokri offers you various kinds of prints. From floral motifs to cats and dogs printed on the shirts, you have a lot of designs and options to choose from.Shirts for kids should be comfortable. The fabrics used on iTokri include cotton and linen. They are airy, breathable, and won’t make your child itchy. The prints are done by hand, and the colors don’t bleed. There is a wide range of colors to choose from. Whether your child likes bright colors or is more into pastel shades, we have everything for you. 

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri has slowly but quickly gained a reputation as one of the most trusted sites in India for ethically sourced products. The prints and fabrics are all a product of slow fashion. The local craftsmen and artisans are paid their due to keep the Indian crafts alive. The customers are happy, leave great reviews, and keep coming back for more. With March here, you can buy  women’s day gifts and  holi hampers for your friends and even for your office. Our latest collection of  men’s shirts is also perfect. If you want to spice up their wardrobe, you should check out the group. The trending design these days is the  bagh block print.Our  handicraft store is also trendy for its products. Choose from handbags, footwear, and things for your home. 


    1. What size should you prefer for your child less than 5 years?

    While every child is different, the average range for children is 85-89 cms for 2 years old, 89-96 cms for 3 years old, etc. 

    1. Are children's shirts trendy?

    If you are into fashion and dressing up with your children, then, of course, children's shirts can be trendy. Check it out on our website!

    1. What is the best occasion to wear a shirt for kids?

    You can dress your child up in these shirts for weddings, school functions, birthdays, etc. They are also the best choice for summers. 

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