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Women's Day Gifts

Women's Day Special Guys From iTokri

International Women's Day (March 8) is a worldwide commemoration of women's social, financial, cultural, and political accomplishments. The day also serves as a call to action for achieving gender balance sooner rather than later. The emphasis of the celebration varies by location but generally includes general expressions of admiration, gratitude, and affection for women's economic, political, and social accomplishments. The 1975 Icelandic women's strike that paved the way for Vigds Finnbogadóttir, the globe's first woman president, was a successful Women's Day. Some wear purple ribbons to commemorate the occasion. In 1909, in New York City, the first commemoration was staged as a communist political rally. In 1917, the Soviet Union proclaimed it a public holiday, and it quickly spread to other adjacent countries. It is now observed in several nations.

Some Women's Day Gift From iTokri

1. Kutchi Bandhani Tie-Dye Cotton Dupatta

Fine quality kutch bandhani (Bandhej) pure cotton dupatta with borders showcasing magnificent bandhani motif, tie-dyed utilizing Kutch artisans' traditional process. Bandhani is a method that requires a lot of talent. The technique entails dying a material knotted securely at various locations with a string.

2. Bagh Block Print Natural Dyed Fabrics

Fine quality bagh hand block printed pure cotton 3-piece suit set created in Bagh, Madhya Pradesh, providing organic colors and traditional processes by renowned craftsman Mohammed Rafik Ji Khatri.

3. Chanderi Silk Zari Buti Handloom Saree by Rauph Khan

Rauph Khan, a master artisan, has created a fine quality pure handloom chanderi silk-cotton saree with beautiful zari embroidery. Chanderi silks are noted for their slinky appearance and luxurious feel. Chanderi spinning is done in Madhya Pradesh's historic city of Chanderi. On a chanderi mixture, the buttis or embellishments are mainly manually spun on a handloom with spindles. Different stitches are being used to produce various designs.

4. Set of 3 - Assorted Herb Pocket Snug Fit 3 Layer Cotton Face Cover (Mix Crafts)

The 3 ply reusable protecting face cover for any outdoor activity is a must-have. The outer and inside layers are 100 percent cotton fabric for the easiest ventilation. Any herbal supplements can be stored in a velcro-closed pocket on the mask's left side. We've included a small herb mix pack as a bonus, but you can just use any that performs better for you. Soft, elastic, and adjustable ear loops with titanium support at the nose bridge provide a superior fit. This face mask can be washed and reused 30 times. There is only a tiny condensation of the spectacles due to this. It accomplishes a worthwhile goal.


  1. What is the best gift for Women's Day?

Jewelleries, Dress materials, and Sarees are the best gifting option for Women's Day.

  1. How can I surprise my wife on women's Day?

Send her a flower bouquet. One of the most significant gifts you can give your lady is the right to convey your emotions in a way that words alone cannot.

  1. What is unique about Women's Day?

International Women's Day (March 8) is a worldwide commemoration of women's social, economic, intellectual, and political triumphs. The day also serves as a moral imperative for achieving equal representation sooner than later.