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Banarasi Silk Traditional Handwoven Zari Fabrics

Embrace the lustrous beauty of Banarasi fabric

For centuries, weavers from Banaras have been popular for their exquisite art, the creation of Banarasi cotton fabric, and silk fabric. Banarasi weaving is exceptionally known for its gold, zari, silver handwork, and opulent embroidery. If you have been looking for Banarasi cotton silk  fabric material online to give a royal touch to your wardrobe.You don't have to travel to Vanaras to find Banarasi fabric, you can now purchase Banarasi fabric online in India at iTokri.  Choose contrast shades for a royal Anarkali suit or get a full length of Banarasi silk fabric online for a custom-designed saree; this versatile fabric can be flaunted in any way you desire. Various types of stylish outlooks can be made from Banarasi cotton fabric, get the fabric ordered to your doorstep! 

Complete the look by pairing this lustrous royalfabric with the best quality handcrafted jewellery, andyou are good to go for the festive season. Not just for yourself, Banarasi fabric online in India is also perfect for gifting. Order Banarasi silk material online at the best  online store in India, andwe will deliver it to any part of the world with love.Further, Banarasi Silk fabric can be used to make beautiful cushions, table cloths, and many other interesting things other than garments. 

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Buy Pure Banarasi Fabrics Online

Check out the mesmerising, traditional  Banarasi sarees online that will make heads turn at every event. You could also explore and buy Banarasi stoles and scarves online to match your outfit. Were you looking for the best Banarasi dress material online? Your search ends at iTokri. Get designer suits and dresses made of these authentic Banarasi dress material and also level up your suits and Indian dresses with these best  Banarasi dupattas.  Also, explore the exquisite collection of India’s beautiful Banarasi crafts and give your clothing and house a little traditional touch.Make sure you wear a comfortable, skin-friendly fabric like iTokri! 

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Banarasi- Unfolding Legacy 

We come across so many fashion collections. But as an Indian, ethnic and traditional wear are the essence of who we are. Banarasi silk fabric is considered the royal fabric in the Indian tradition. It is considered the art of weaving life into the fabric.

Legacy of Banarasi sarees 

The Banarasi fabric is considered one of the popular fabrics in Indian fashion. It restores any culture with its richness and royalty, such as wedding status in customs or any Indian celebration cotton banarasi sarees, kalamkari sarees, or any other ethnic wear that predominates the fashion culture. However, many such Indian traditional fashion fabrics like Conjeevaram and Khadi. Still, Banarasi sarees and fashion has come a long way with huge variance and social importance, especially in a Bengali wedding. It can never be overlooked without a Banarasi saree. You can find banarasi silk fabric online or buy banarasi sarees from a local store. you can even buy banarasi cotton fabric and stitch according to your style 


Banarasi saree originated from Banaras, now known as Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh. Banarasi sarees have interesting designs of animals, birds, floral fruits, human figures, and geometric patterns. The Persian motifs are also included in the Indian designs to create distinct flower patterns of the saree used to date. It usually takes more than once a month to complete weaving a Banarasi saree. Making the Banarasi saree requires teamwork, and usually, more than three were in the creation of this saree. 


Types of Banarasi silk sarees  

If you think that Banarasi sarees are four stretch fabrics decorated with gold and silver, you are mistaken for different types of Banarasi sarees. That depends on how you wish to categorise them based on the fabric used in sarees. You can classify them into four categories.

 Pure silk 

The plain silk fabric is woven with glossy and pure silk thread that manufacturers turn into shining sarees. The industrial rooms have replaced Handlooms that were once used to relieve the sarees. You can buy Banarasi silk fabric and stitch it according to your liking. If you want to gift your sister a rakhi hamper, these sarees are a good option. 


It is the most abundant fabric used to weave Banarasi sarees and is also the most sought-after fabric to create exclusive Banarasi sarees designs that look rich and elite. These sarees can be a good rakhi gift.


This fabric is designed and attracts women into brocading with carefully created motifs and patterns: Weavers weave these banarasi silk sarees with golden coated silver stripes woven around silk yarn to create the surgery, a style synonymous with mostly all the banarasi sarees.


Suppose you are not willing to wear the richly adorned heavy banarasi saree. In that case, you can opt for the contemporary voice and similar to Georgette sarees with her Prem light and easily woven. 


These traditional and stunning Banarasi silk sarees are recognized globally due to their unique pattern and intricate design. There are a lot of Bollywood celebrities and popular personalities who wear Banarasi sarees for wedding special occasions or functions. Having aBanarasi saree in your wardrobe is a must-have.