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    Amp Up Your Home Decor And Functionality With Handmade Wooden Trays Online

    There are a lot of things that you need in your daily life. From your toothbrush for mornings to pillows for your beauty sleep, you probably can’t name a thing that you don’t use every day. Among these essentials come trays, plates and breadboards. These kitchen items fall under the category of requirements and are things you can't go without daily. However, another common thing you would find in most Indian homes is home decor items. From figurines of animals and idols of gods and goddesses, these are the must-have in an Indian home decor collection. Besides these everyday items, many people also use unusual items like handcrafted wooden trays, toys or plates to decorate their homes. If you love this type of decor, you are in luck because itokri has the perfect collection to buy handmade wooden trays online without any hassle.

    Best Wooden Trays Online On iTokri

    The vast collection of trays, plates and boards at itokri can be described in a single word- breathtaking. Each of the handcrafted wooden plates, trays and breadboards in our collection has been crafted by no less than the most skilled artisans. Here is a list of a few items in our collection that you must check out.

    • Handpainted wooden serving tray: This serving tray is indigenous to Banaras. It is brought to itokri by Dastkar, who works with fine craftspeople and artisans of India. A beautiful addition to your kitchen, living room or bedroom decor, this handcrafted wooden tray is hand painted with watercolours and primers by some of the best craftsmen of India. They indeed induce Indian culture into this small yet significant piece of home decor.
    • Handpainted wooden toy: Now that we are talking about the trays which are best for home decor, a unique piece that you would indeed like is a hand painted wooden toy tray. This item is also brought to itokri by Dastkar, renowned for India’s skilled craftsmen and artisans to create the most beautiful home decor pieces.
    • Original blue pottery ceramic tray: As you probably know, blue pottery is a form of ceramic art indigenous to the pink city, i.e., Jaipur. In this form of pottery, no clay is used, but a mixture of quartz, water, powdered glass, Multani mitti, gum and borax is used as the base material. This tray measures 10 inches. Thus, besides being a beautiful home decor piece, you can also use it to keep small essential items or a showpiece or two.
    • Handmade bamboo olive tray: A clay is used for a unique piece of home decor, and this bamboo tray is made with a cautious hand and utmost patience. It is biodegradable, and besides being used to decorate your home, you can also use it to keep some dry snacks in when you have guests over. We assure you you will get lots of compliments, and make sure you mention itokri when you say where you bought it from!
    • Chikankari Zari Hand embroidered Sheesham wood tray: Embroidery is always prized by most Indian people, whether it’s on clothes or home decor items. This wooden tray contains an articulately embroidered chikankari zari that rings out the skill of Indian artisans and is an excellent addition to your home decor.

    Besides these beautiful pieces, you will find even more exemplary details at itokri that genuinely bring out India’s rich culture and heritage alongside celebrating the skilled artisans of this golden country.

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    Q1. How to differentiate between a tray and a platter?

    Ans. You can use a tray either for home decor, or it could be functional for carrying various things, while a platter is used to maintain and serve food items.

    Q2. How to decorate a wooden tray?

    Ans. The best way to decorate a wooden tray is by painting on it if it’s not already painted, or you could keep a nice showpiece or two on it if you are using the tray for home decor.

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