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Crochet Work Rakhi

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2021 with the iTokri Crochet Rakhi collection

Buy the best rakhis for your brothers this Raksha Bandhan from iTokri. Our rakhi collections offer the best traditional work threads from the heartland of India. These beautiful and traditional rakhis are perfect for this auspicious day celebrating the meaningful and robust relationship between brothers and sisters. Explore our latest crochet rakhis collection, which has the most delicate and exquisite designs that will instantly appeal to your heart. 

Crochet is the process that is employed to create a certain kind of textiles using a needle called the 'crochet hook,' which is then used to interlock loops of thread, yarn or strands of any other material, thus creating a pattern. The term 'crochet' is derived from French which means 'small hook.' The crochet hooks can be made from several materials, namely wood, metal, plastic or even bamboo. Many people tend to relate crochet with knitting and sometimes get confused between the two. However, besides how their production is implemented, the main difference between the two is that in crocheting, each stitch is completed before one starts the next stitch. Whereas in knitting, one can and does keep multiple stitches open at any particular time. 

Crochet’s use and popularity have risen through the ages, with artisans experimenting with different fashions, styles, looks and materials. Some vibrant incorporated colours, while others used beads and other embellishments. The popularity of crochet for apparel and home decor steadily rose in the 20th century with doilies, colourful potholders, and others. At the end of the 20th century, crocheting was a favourite pastime of the homemakers and small hobbyists or boutique shops.

During the earlier part of the 21st century, the world saw a renewed interest in crafts and DIYs. The quality of yarns also saw a significant improvement. In addition, there were more resources to learn the craft from, such as new pattern books for crocheting, online videos, tutorials and websites.  The variations of crochet stitches that started being used were the hairpin lace, tapestry crochet, cro-hooking, Irish crochet, and filet crochet.

Crochet Rakhis and Gift Hampers for your Brother or Sister

With crochet patterns and its yarns so in fashion now, creative ideas involving crochet clothing and accessories are bound to become famous. Just as we have seen the rise of crochet garments like beachwear, tops and shawls, crochet accessories rise. For example, you might see a fancy and unique pair of earrings made using crochet! But have you come across crochet rakhis? Probably not! If you ask us, it is a unique take on the traditional Rakhi. iTokri offers the newest rakhi trend of crochet rakhis, which will give a unique and beautiful classic look to this year’s Raksha Bandhan. Our very fancy Rakhi collections include rakhis made from applique techniques and swastika symbols. You can also find many designs and patterns of crochet rakhis on the iTokri website. So, this year, tie a unique crochet Rakhi on your brother's wrist and celebrate with extra pomp and show!

Why Choose iTokri's Crochet Rakhi Collection?

As we all know, Rakhi season is just around the corner, and soon we will see stores, online and offline, offering various options of rakhis and gifts for the festive season. But surely, nothing can beat the crochet Rakhi collection at iTokri. Of course, you can buy the usual Rakhi with those same traditional designs and patterns at any other local store. But why do that when iTokri’s rakhi collection brings India’s best and most diverse crafts to you on this happy occasion? Visit iTokri’s website and shop from the beautiful, never-seen-before crochet Rakhi collection and surprise your brother.  Send rakhi online from the best collection of  rakhi thread,  kids rakhi,  rakhi gift for brothers or  rakhi gift for sister too; we have it all! 


Q1. What is unique about crochet Rakhi?

The art of crocheting has been around for decades, but they were mainly used on home décor items or garments. The concept of crochet Rakhi is, in itself, unique and never seen before.

Q2. What are the different types of crochet Rakhi you have?

iTokri has a whole collection of crochet Rakhis that you can buy. We have crochet rakhis on different patterns like flowers and cars and aeroplanes for kids and many other designs. The best part about these rakhis is that all of them are recyclable.