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    Hand Embroidery Belts

    We all love the classy and elegant leather belts which we wear with our formal pants and shirts, but have you ever felt the need to rock an outfit with a designer fashionable belt? Abdomen belts are super complimenting and the simplest method to give your outfit a cleaned contact. Instead of depending on fitting or tracking down the ideal outline to feature your shape, leather belts snap at all the correct spots to compliment your figure. Likewise, they lift even the least difficult outfit and easily give that "set up" look.

    Itokri brings you a wide range of handmade leather belts with the touch of the culture and tradition of the Kutch region of Gujarat to adorn your outfits every time you go out.

    What is the best leather belt?

    Itokri's mirror work Kutchi embroidery fabric belt is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a designer and trendy belt to boost your outfits. The Kutchi embroidery done on it is the traditional handicraft and textile signature art invented by the tribal community of the Kutch area, who have made a lasting impression on the history of traditional Indian embroidery. This fabric belt is embroidered byKachchh Ji Chap, a brand that promotes the cultural ecology and heritage of the Kutch region of Gujarat. Made by the exquisite handiwork of a traditional artisan, this belt also contains handicraft mirrors engraved in it to liven up the traditional aura from this gorgeous belt because we know how much a good belt can enhance the look of your outfit and you. It is recommended to wash it gently with mild or liquid detergents and avoid soaking it for a long duration of time. This belt is exactly 132 cm long and 3 cm wide, with a weight of approximately 80 grams. The Kutch embroidery adorning this belt will give your outfit the missing traditional touch you have been looking for, so get one for yourself today and rock your outfits by spicing it up with the mirror work kutch embroidery belts; by Itokri!

    What belt size should I buy for a 42-inch waist?

    Itokri offers you a wide variety of belts in different designs and sizes. There is no enchantment weapon belt estimating recipe that works for every individual and EVERY complementary outfit. The most common and preferred definite tact for estimating out what size belt you should arrange is to really measure a belt that you presently wear. In any case, when in doubt of thumb, much of the time, the belt should be 3" to 6" more prominent than your jeans midriff size, contingent upon whether you intend to wear a holster, what sort of holster, and the size of the holster. For example, with an extremely huge Inside The Waistband (IWB) holster, a belt 7" more prominent than pants midsection size may be suitable. Keeping these factors in mind, the most appropriate belt size for a 42-inch waist will be a 47 or 48.

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