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Madhubani/Mithila Painting

Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Madhubani Paintings From iTokri

India has always been a rich melting pot of heritage, culture and art, such as the beauty of its diversity and traditional lineage. There have been innumerable mesmerizing art and craft forms to admire and cherish through the ages. One such is the Madhubani art form, also known as Mithila painting. These paintings are gorgeous, and when you decorate the walls of your house with them, they make your space vibrant and more beautiful.  Indeed, they can bring an ambience of peace and tranquillity to your home. Madhubani paintings are perfect for bringing a touch of class and old-school sophistication to your decor. Madhubani art originated in the Mithila region of Bihar. Various kinds of natural apparatus, like brushes, twigs, nin-pens, matchsticks, and fingers, are used for painting in this art form. Also, natural dyes and paints are used to add colour to these paintings. These paintings usually contain motifs of geometrical patterns, festivals or religious rituals. Women used to decorate their house walls and doors with Madhubani art to seek peace and prosperity. 

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  1. What is unique about Madhubani paintings?

Madhubani paintings are stunning. They are one of the oldest forms of pictures in India. The speciality of Madhubani paintings is that only natural items are used to create this art form, such as natural dyes and pigments, twigs, leaves, fingers, etc., which makes this form of painting very unique. 

  1. What are Madhubani paintings famous for?

Madhubani paintings are famous for their designs that have been all over the paintings and use of many earthy colours. These paintings are done with natural mineral pigments, which the artists themselves make. The work is done on a plastered wall or a mud wall. 

  1. What is the history of Madhubani art?

The history of Madhubani art is a story of emancipation. In the earlier ages, people from the lower castes were subjugated by the upper classes. They found their expression through this art form. While earlier, only slaves were perceived to be experts at this form of paintings, Madhubani painting has slowly gained prominence among India’s traditional arts and crafts today and is very highly regarded.