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Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps that are must buy for giving you natural ingredients

Soap is a salt of fatty acids that are used for cleaning and lubricating. Not just that, it is also used as surfactants for washing desired products or any other thing. You might also be familiar with the concept of using soap for bathing, but those are mild soaps and do not have any ill effect on the body. There are multiple ways of producing and making soaps, but the most authentic way is to make them with hands using only natural ingredients for curating them. Handmade soaps are still people´s 

There are various types of soaps available in the market, such as liquid soap, solid soap, etc.; if you are on the hunt for the best handmade soap, then check out the extensive range of handmade soaps exclusively brought to you iTokri at its online store. These handmade soaps are organic and fit for the health of an individual. From natural handmade anti-dandruff hair wash soap, natural hair washes river bed clay soap, Last forest and coffee and Cinnamon beeswax soap, last forest charcoal beeswax soap, rose. Lemon beeswax soap, the soap made up of basil beeswax, lavender beeswax, vanilla beeswax, Sundaram handmade natural buttermilk soap, and the soap containing neem, and there’s everything available under one roof at iTokri´s online store! Want to buy organic handmade soap? Just shop from iTokri today!

Other handmade products at iTokri

iTokri  handicraft store  is India’s best online shopping platform that brings to you an exclusive, one of a kind collection of various handmade products and art and crafts, so that will steal your heart away. All the products are handcrafted and handwoven, contributing to their authenticity and reflecting the culture of India’s tradition tastefully for the customer to enjoy. iTokri has a wide variety of durable and high-quality handmade products for you to explore that are not just limited to organic handmade soaps. Check out the impressive collection of  handmade body wash onlineMoisturizing Lotionsherbal perfumescotton towels,madru mats onlineMadhubani paintingsmural painting productsbanarasi wooden craftseco-friendly stationerybookmarkshandmade diaries, and amp up the aesthetics of your home!  iTokri is your one-stop solution for all your needs and expectations. 

Why choose iTokri?

iTokri is the most authentic Indian crafts store that brings you a large variety of one of a kind and durable products. iTokri is a firm believer of the #madeinIndia initiative, and small traditional artisans make all its products. When you shop from iTokri, you don't just help contribute to the livelihood of these artisans but also help grow the country’s economy! Not just that, you also get to take advantage of our commendable customer care service that is available at all times for your convenience, fast delivery of products within a matter of seven days, free shipping of products over Rs. 500, easy replacement, return and cancellation policy, multiple payment options for our customers like a credit card, debit card, PayPal for our international customers, also- if you are facing any difficulty choosing the right product for your loved ones, we offer you the option to avail an e-gift card! From Phulkari to Pashmina, iTokri has it all, sirf aapke liye! Shop from iTokri and experience a luxurious shopping experience while sitting at home. 

Think handmade, think iTokri!