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    Buy Diwali Gift Hampers Online

    Diwali is the Festival of Light celebrated all over India. Different people have their unique way of celebrating Diwali. Diwali is usually a 5-day celebration and takes place in October or November. Exchanging gifts, lighting homes with candles or diyas, and bursting firecrackers are integral parts of the Diwali celebration.

    Different retail channels offer Diwali hampers. It ranges from decorative pooja thali, sarees, and idols of God and Goddesses to Bhai Dooj gifts, candles, perfume, electronic gadgets, and several others.

    Before you become busy searching for t...

    Buy Diwali Gift Hampers Online

    Diwali is the Festival of Light celebrated all over India. Different people have their unique way of celebrating Diwali. Diwali is usually a 5-day celebration and takes place in October or November. Exchanging gifts, lighting homes with candles or diyas, and bursting firecrackers are integral parts of the Diwali celebration.

    Different retail channels offer Diwali hampers. It ranges from decorative pooja thali, sarees, and idols of God and Goddesses to Bhai Dooj gifts, candles, perfume, electronic gadgets, and several others.

    Before you become busy searching for the best  Diwali gifts, let's find out the significance of Diwali among Indians. 

    Know all about Diwali Celebration

    Diwali is renowned as “Deepavali” in India, which means “The Festival of Lights”. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, and it is known to mark the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Deepavali is a Sanskrit word which means a row of lights. It is celebrated grandly across India among the Hindus.   

    Diwali is celebrated as per the Hindu calendar in the month of “Kartika” on the darkest, new moon night called Amavasya. Diwali symbolises the victory of knowledge over ignorance, light over darkness, right over wrong, and good over evil. Diwali holds a high spiritual value as it highlights the opening of one’s true light sparkling within them, thereby sharing this glow with others.  

    There are four aspects of Diwali which possess definite significance:

    1. The lighting of lamps

    The light highlights the spark within you as you are the real lamp full of vibrance, joy and energy. A physical lamp is just a symbol of prosperity, wisdom and joy. The light of Diwali marks the beginning of the spreading of knowledge. One lamp is insufficient for knowledge to bloom. Many lamps are lit to wipe out the darkness, which further helps society progress.  

    • Firecrackers

    The explosion inside is dissolved when an explosion occurs outside. This marks the significance of firecrackers. The negativities such as anger, fear or jealousy that have aggregated in your mind in the last year should get diffused in the form of firecrackers.

    • Diwali gift hampers and distribution of sweets

    Sweet symbolises the beginning of a new friendship and eradicates bitterness. You can select a gift for your loved ones during Diwali for their everlasting happiness.  

    • Feeling the abundance

    Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, and Diwali marks the beginning of prosperity in everyone’s life.

    On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, explore the unique Diwali hampers today and celebrate with your loved ones.     

    Diwali Poojan within the Different States

    In most parts of India, Diwali is a 5-days celebration. The first day is Dhanteras, which highlights worshipping Lord Yama and purchasing metal objects. The second day is Choti Diwali, also popular as Roop Chaturdashi or Narak Chaturdashi. The third day is Diwali, when Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped. The fourth day marks the Govardhan puja, and the fifth day is Bhai Dooj, which is dedicated to all brothers and sisters.

    Let’s explore how Diwali is celebrated with excitement and magnificent grandeur across India.

  • North India
  • North India celebrates Diwali as the day when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Laxman from an exile of 14 years. As it was the darkest new moon night of Kartika month, the people of Ayodhya lit the kingdom with fireworks and diyas to welcome their King. Northern India celebrates Diwali as the victory of good over evil as Lord Rama defeated Ravana, who had kidnapped Sita. This tradition continues to date with great fun in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, and neighbouring states. The celebration of Diwali initiates with Dussehra, where the story of Ramayana is depicted through a dramatic presentation called Ramlila.   

  • Eastern India
  • West Bengal, Odisha and Assam celebrate Diwali by lighting candles, lamps and diyas. Diwali is celebrated as Kali Puja in West Bengal. On Diwali, late at night, Goddess Kali is worshipped. In Odisha, Diwali is celebrated by paying tributes to ancestors. People burn jute sticks to receive luck and seek blessings from their ancestors on this auspicious day of Diwali.

  • Western India
  • Gujarat and Maharashtra witness Diwali in their way. One night before Diwali, Gujaratis design colourful rangolis in front of their house. Footprints are also drawn to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali is considered the new year in Gujarat. Gujaratis believe that opening offices, buying new ventures and holding marriages during Diwali is auspicious.

    Maharashtra celebrates Diwali for four days. The first day is Vasubaras and is celebrated by performing an Aarti for cows and their calves. It highlights the love between a mother and her baby. The following day is Dhanteras, which is celebrated similarly to other regions of India. The third day is Narak Chaturdashi, where people take a bath early in the morning and visit a temple. The fourth day consists of pre-Diwali preparations, where delicious sweets such as “laddu" and "karanji” are prepared. The final day is Diwali where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in every house.

    Diwali sweets andDiwali gifts are common in Western India.      

  • South India
  • In South India, Diwali is observed on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi to celebrate Krishna’s victory over Narakasura. On this special day, the people from South India begin the day with an oil bath before sunrise. Moreover, in parts of Tamil Nadu, the people follow the custom of eating a bit of lehyam (a medicinal preparation). People also clean their homes and decorate them with kolam (rangoli) designs made using rice flour.

    The oven is cleaned before Diwali, and religious symbols are drawn on it. Wearing new apparel and bursting firecrackers are also the main parts of the Diwali celebration. In Andhra Pradesh, Harikatha is performed in different areas, which is the musical narration of Lord Hari’s life story. In Karnataka, people take an oil bath before Diwali and sketch colourful rangolis in their courtyard.   

    Diwali Celebration with Different Religions

    Diwali is a popular festival among Hindus. It is widely celebrated across different religions. Each religion has its essence and traditions for celebrating Diwali.

  • Hinduism
  • Diwali among Hindus is the festival of victory of good over evil. Hindus celebrate Diwali to rejoice in the return of Lord Rama from exile and his return to Ayodhya accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Laxman. Also, as mentioned earlier, in the Southern parts of India, people celebrate Diwali rejoicing the victory of Krishna over Narakasura. Hindus also worship Goddess Lakshmi to bring prosperity and wealth to mark new beginnings.

  • Jainism
  • In Jainism, Diwali is considered to be the spiritual awakening of their Lord Mahavira. Most people who follow Jainism celebrate Diwali by fasting, singing hymns and chanting mantras to honour Lord Mahavir. Jains believe the occasion of Diwali to be the enlightenment of mankind from evil and darkness. 

  • Sikhism
  • Sikhs celebrate Diwali to remember the return of their spiritual leader Guru Har Gobind from wrongful imprisonment. Sikhs celebrate Diwali to symbolise the importance of understanding the shared goals among humans.

  • Buddhism
  • In Buddhism, Diwali is marked as the day when Emperor Ashoka decided to convert to Buddhism and follow the path of enlightenment and peace. 

    Diwali gift baskets are available across India in abundance during the month of Diwali.   

    Importance of Gifting on the Occasion of Diwali

    The prime motive for exchanging gifts during Diwali is to simulate the feeling of love, togetherness and affection. Individuals confer their blessings, heartfelt feelings, appreciation and wishes for their near and dear ones through gifts. As Diwali is a festival of religious remembrance, sending a spiritual Diwali hamper highlights a person’s prayer to the almighty for prosperity and well-being. Today, you can find numerous Diwali gift baskets at affordable prices. Diwali hampers are not recent but an age-old tradition to showcase the significance of knowledge and the victory of good over evil. Suppose you have a tight work schedule and can’t buy gifts for your friends and family. In that case, you can purchase Diwali hampers online, such as sweet baskets, chocolate items, decorative pooja thalis,  Diwali pooja thali for  Karva Chauth sargi at a reasonable price.

    Current Diwali gifting scenario

    The gifting scenario during Diwali has changed in recent years. The gifts are shared socially to foster relationships and rejuvenate old happy memories. Corporate gifting is a new trend. You can giftLaxmi Ganesh idols,diyas, wall-hangings, sarees, Diwali Pooja thali and others to your friends, families and colleagues.

    If you search for gift baskets for Diwali, you will find ample options online. Corporate gifts hold a special significance in strengthening the working relationship among employees. Corporate gifts help in recognising talents, irrespective of the organisation’s size. Almost every organisation bestows gifts to their employees as a token of gratitude for their relentless dedication to the company.  Diwali corporate gifts are a means of talent recognition in organisations.               

    Diwali Gift Range at iTokri for Relatives to Employees

    iTokri has a broad range of Diwali gift hampers, such as luxurious Ganesha idols, Diwali pooja thali,  Diwali sweets, and others. iTokri has curated the best present for you. You can purchase Diwali gift hampers online from iTokri. Corporate and premium gifts are abundant at iTokri. The Diwali gift range at iTokri for relatives to employees includes:

  • Dry fruits laddu
  • These freshly homemade dry fruits laddu are best sellers of iTokri. Combined with dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, raisins, and peanuts, it is unique for North Indian sweet lovers. Women in Gwalior handcraft the laddus. Grab the dry fruit laddus today before it gets out of stock.     

  • Milk cake
  • Freshly homemade milk cake is another Diwali sweet especially crafted by iTokri for your friends and relatives. Kalakand is a milk-based sweet with roots in Rajasthan and is popular as a milk cake.

  • Premium classic almonds
  • Almonds are the best Diwali hamper if you are health conscious and want your loved ones to be health freaks. Loaded with Vitamin E, protein, fibre, folate and other nutrients, almonds are a great choice for Diwali gifts.  

  • Chocolates
  • Almost every individual favours chocolates. To enhance the sweetness of your relationship with friends, families or colleagues, chocolate can be a suitable gift basket for Diwali.

  • Barfi
  • Barfi is made up of dense milk and is widely popular in India. iTokri has Kaju katli barfi, which is handcrafted to magnify your Diwali celebration.  

    Start looking for budget-friendly, and unique Diwali hampers from iTokri for your employees and relatives to bring a smile to their faces. You can eliminate old-school gifting ideas such as Diwali sweets or dry fruit packages to something that can add value to your employees. Diwali gift hampers at iTokri include Flower Herb Perfume, a refreshing gift for your employees. Corporate Diwali gifts nowadays also include a beautifully designed Silk Paper File folder, a handcrafted cotton laptop Bag for storing daily essentials and several others.  

    Diwali Gift Hampers range by Gender and Relation

    iTokri has specialised gifts for Bhai Dooj and Karwa Chauth. The  Karwa Chauth gifts include a traditional sterling silver sindoor box, pure handloom cotton saree with a woven birder, pure spun silk handloom dupatta, Banarasi handloom Katan dupatta, handmade embroidery clutch, minakari saree pin and several others. Karwa Chauth usually takes place nine days before Diwali and, thus, marks the beginning of Diwali preparation throughout India. iTokri has a wide range of Diwali gift hampers for married women, and you can gift your mother, sister, and female friends or colleagues different Karwa Chauth materials such as hand-painted lota, hand-painted Channi, hand-painted roti chawal dibbi and many more.

    iTokri also possesses a broad collection of  Bhaidooj gifts, including handcrafted jute file folders, upcycled woven handmade laptop sleeves, handmade laptop bags, handmade wallets and several others. You can also customise gift baskets for Diwali for your brothers by putting iTokri natural attar perfume oil, silk fabric embellished spectacle case, hand-glazed ceramic mugs, handcrafted Bonsai tree, hand embroidery cushion cover, Bagru print cotton boxer and dry fruits festive gift pack together.

    For both your male and female employees, iTokri offers a wide collection of office items. This includes a Kalamkari printed folder, herbal roll-on deo, handcrafted printed laptop bag and several others. To outshine your rivals in terms of unique Diwali hampers, iTokri offers you  Diwali gifts under 1000. The stunning collection will mesmerise your employees and act as their best corporate gift.

    If you want some premium gifts for your relatives, you can try iTokri’s  Premium Diwali Gifts collection. You can gift iTokri’s premium hanging bells, wall-hanging clocks and Bill Pithora paintings. You can also find budget Diwali hampers at iTokri. This includes decorative Torans, handcrafted lamps, candle holders, wooden tea lights, pooja thali and others. iTokri also offers personalised Diwali gift baskets; thus, you can gift your loved ones anything from a wide range of Diwali collections.         

    Why Choose iTokri for Diwali Gifts?

    iTokri is an  Indian handloom shopping platform where you can select different gifts from the sustainable and creative product range. Local craftsmanship is strong at iTokri and you can buy Diwali gift hampers online from iTokri. iTokri aims to maintain the vibrant culture of India by actively collaborating with talented artisans. To select unique Diwali hampers, iTokri is preferred by the masses. iTokri is popular for its excellent customer service and express delivery worldwide. To get quality products at both affordable and premium ranges, iTokri is your best chance. 

    iTokri offers you traditional handmade fabrics and products from all over India. iTokri knows that each person has individual preferences and tastes; thus, the products are handcrafted to cater to their needs and requirements. You will get numerous Diwali hampers such as sweets, dry fruits, sarees, shorts, dupattas, laptop bags, perfume, show pieces, idols and other handmade gifts. So don’t wait till the last minute. Grab your Diwali hamper today!    


    What are the best Diwali hampers?

    The bestDiwali hampers are the gift items which an individual buys for his or her friends, family, relatives and colleagues. The Diwali hampers are loaded with Diwali sweets; decorative items such as flowers, show pieces, idols of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesh, candles, lamps; and apparel such as sarees, dupattas, shorts and several others.

    What do you put in a hamper for Diwali?

    The best and ideal Diwali hamper includes beautifully crafted diyas or candles and lip-smacking sweets, which are homemade and contain Indian cultural touch. Additionally, one can also place idols of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesh in the gift basket along with pooja thali, and other decorative items.

    How do you organise a Diwali hamper?

    We possess a systematic technique for handling Diwali hamper packages. We cautiously design the products, which are sorted out beforehand to be included in the hamper. The packages are wrapped decoratively with a special note from iTokri.  

    How much time will you need to deliver Deepavali gift hampers within India?

    We have an express delivery option. The Diwali gift hampers will reach your loved ones within 2 days of placing an order. We have an excellent customer service team, and we assure you that your package will be delivered within 2 days.  

    Is it a good idea to gift home decor items on Diwali?

    Yes, it is a good idea to gift home décor items on Diwali. iTokri has a wide range of handcrafted collections, such as handcrafted lamps, diyas, roti chawal dibbis, laptop bags and sweets. 

    What kind of gift hampers iTokri have?

    iTokri has a wide product range. You will get numerous Diwali hampers such as sweets, dry fruits, sarees, shorts, dupattas, laptop bags, perfume, show pieces, idols of gods and goddesses and other handmade gifts.

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