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    Ajrakh Prints Shorts

    Upgrade Your Wardrobe By Buying Ajrakh Print Shorts Online

    Aajrakh block print is a form...

    Upgrade Your Wardrobe By Buying Ajrakh Print Shorts Online

    Aajrakh block print is a form of Indian folk art that dates back to the 15th century. It is a block-printing technique in which a block of ink or pigment is printed onto paper or cloth. 

    The ajrakh block print is one of the oldest extant examples of a form of print known as “block” print. It is characterized by the use of thick, dark, black ink, and by its relatively simple design. It is also a form of etching, although in a much more coarse or imprecise way than the more finely etched lines of the style we associate with etching as a medium.

    The ajrakh block print is a print made from an ajrakh block, consisting of a canvas and a large quantity of ink that is then transfer-printed onto paper. The block is produced by carving the ajrakh block into a three-dimensional shape using a power tool. The block is then inked and pressed onto a piece of paper, which is then used to create the printed piece.Ajrak is usually printed on both sides with resist print methods. Hand-carved wooden blocks are used for printing. Generally, Ajrak prints are performed within a grid. Patterns are repeated repeatedly to create an effect similar to web design. Also integrated on the fabric are border designs. The process is lengthy and involves printing and washing the fabric several times with dyes and modifiers.

    Buy Ajrakh Print Shorts From iTokri At Reasonable Prices 

    Ajrakh prints shorts or ajrakh print boxers are a staple for the warm weather wardrobe, and they’re the perfect way to show off a slim and toned physique. With a style that’s classic and timeless, ajrakh print shorts work well for both men and women. If you are looking for printed shorts online or printed boxers online you have arrived at the right place. Our collection of ajrakh print boxers online consists of different types of unique prints and colors, 

    Springtime is a great time to wear Ajrak prints. Symbols of power and independence can be found in the hues of red, blue, and black. Your wardrobe would be richer and more interesting with beautifully tailored Indo-western Ajrak shorts. The actual Ajrak craft has declined since modern printing methods and chemical dyes replace the laborious making processes and muted colors of the original craft. However, people are also fond of wearing quirky and unique print clothes to a beach party or summer vacation. You can buy ajrakh print shorts at reasonable prices from iTokri. 

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    At iTokri, an Indian handicraft store, the ajrakh print shorts are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. The ajrakh print boxers are made from a piece of premium fabric, ensuring that they provide you extreme comfort during hot weather. If you plan to buy printed shorts online, then iTokri is the perfect place to do so. Also, you can get unique collections offabrics online,cotton mask,bottoms,kurtis online,silver jewellery,home decor, etc. 


    1. What Is A Ajrakh Print?

    The name Ajrak refers to a unique pattern of blockprinted fabrics and products found in Sindh, Pakistan; Kutch, Gujarat; and Barmer, Rajasthan in India. Natural dyes are used to create Ajrak products. Both vegetable and mineral dyes are used in the production of the products.

    2. How Many Types Of Ajrak Are There?

    There are three types of Ajrak: abuni ajrak, do rangi ajrak and kori ajrak.

    3. Where Can I Get Best Quality Ajrakh Shorts?

    iTokri is the best place to buy best quality of ajrakh shorts. You can find comfortable printed cotton shorts that include different desgins and colors. 

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