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    Exclusive Handmade Coasters only on

     iTokri is an online platform that comprises a wide variety of handmade items made by the craftsmen across India. We aim at supporting the local artisans by encouraging customers from all over the world to buy handmade products. We make sure th...

    Exclusive Handmade Coasters only on

     iTokri is an online platform that comprises a wide variety of handmade items made by the craftsmen across India. We aim at supporting the local artisans by encouraging customers from all over the world to buy handmade products. We make sure that the valuable labour of the artisans pays off. From clothing to accessories to home décor items, we sell everything that will be useful to you in your everyday life.

    iTokri  handicraft store  brings to you a colourful eco-friendly collection of coasters to make your tea time graceful and stylish at the same time. We have a wide range of coasters with different sizes and vibrant colours. Buy coasters online and impress your guests while serving them juices, or tea on the table. They are not only extremely useful but also add a stylish look to your dining table.  The coaster set has exquisite designs and beautiful patterns and they come in different shapes and styles.

    Add elegance to your table with beautiful coasters set

     Give your dining room a unique appearance with bright coloured coasters. Make your coffee table look classy with our amazing collection of coasters online. It makes a perfect gifting option crafted with care and love by numerous artisans in different parts of India.  If you are looking for handmade items to decorate the interiors of your kitchen with stylish and useful products, we have the finest collection offridge magnets,  photo frames,  bowls and  salt n pepper pots.  Order coasters online from us at affordable costs according to your choice.

    The best time of the day is when you sit with your family for coffee in the evening and enjoy a lovely time together. These elegant coasters give your tabletop a sleek and classic look.  They are lightweight and make a perfect addition to your interior tables. Choose from a plethora of colours complementing your house and table design from our online handicraft store.

    Handmade Coasters To Match Your Favourite Mugs

    Tea times are a standard for most people, and having some beautiful teacups (or coffee mugs) is something we all dream about. We all want some beautiful ceramic mugs with intricate details that make them stand out to our guests. But have you ever thought about having a beautiful coaster to go with it?

    Having exquisite tableware such as coasters not only helps prevent food from spilling on your furniture but also adds a nice complement to the whole experience. It works to impress your guests, showing them the warmth of being invited to a pleasant party, get-together, or dining event.

    So, why make compromises when shopping for the perfect tableware option? Let your evening parties be complete with a beautiful range of handmade coasters. You can explore a wide range of coasters online at iTokri and shop for your favourite ones today.

    Explore The Beautiful Coaster Range At iTokri

    Are you looking for a set of coasters to go with your favourite mugs? Then at iTokri, you will find your favourite set. Explore a range of handmade coasters with different designs, colours, and aesthetics.

    Get your very own tea coaster set and make tea time a little more fancy with these beautifully made coasters. There’s a huge variety to explore, from wooden coasters, hand painted coasters, cloth coasters, handmade coasters, and tea coaster online at iTokri.

    You can choose the perfect coaster set that matches your cutlery and impress your guests with your amazing choice. So, after a great evening tea party, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your table tops from stubborn stains. Buy coasters from iTokri and let them save you from that task.

    Look for your favourite handcrafted dining table coasters online india and buy coasters online at the best prices only at iTokri.

    Why should you shop At iTokri?

    If you are a patron of handicrafts and love to explore the different forms of handmade items, then iTokri is the right place for you. Each item is crafted with the skills of artisans from the nooks and crannies of the country. You can find your desired handicraft from exquisite textiles to beautifully crafted decor items. All items are completely eco-friendly and sustainable. Explore different handicrafts here like Tableware,  Magnets,  Lamps,  Table Runners,  Trays,  Fridge Handle Covers and more at iTokri. 


    What is the use of a coaster?

    A coaster helps prevent your table from getting dirty because of spills. It also helps in avoiding scratches on the surface of your tables. A coaster can also be used to cover your drinks to avoid dust, dirt, or anything else from spoiling your drink.

    How many coasters are in a set?

    Each set has a set number of coasters available. Some sets have 6 coasters, while others have 2 coasters. You can pick your desired set as per your requirements.

    What types of coasters are the best?

    The best type of coaster would depend on its use. A cloth coaster would be a great choice if you have something as delicate as a glass table. If your surface is something akin to wood, then a wood or terracotta coaster would be a good pick. If you need them to cover your drinks, then wood, metal, or similar-material coasters would be what you should look for.

    Why are coasters called coasters?

    Drink coasters were invented in around 1880 by a German company Friedrich Horn. These were cardboard coasters. However, a man called Robert Sputh is the one who is said to be responsible for making drink coasters. The word is said to come from the term "bottle coaster", meaning trays that were used to hold decanters.

    How thick should coasters be?

    A coaster should at least be around 3 to 4 inches thick. This is to ensure that the drink does not seep through the coaster and spoil the surface it has been placed on. These are the standard dimensions followed when picking the right coaster. 

    How much does it cost to make coasters?

    The cost of making a coaster depends on different factors. What material is being used, and what designs or patterns are being made? Whether they are completely handmade or not,

    What side of a coaster are you supposed to use?

    Certain coasters have a picture or a pattern on one side, which is supposed to be the front. If it has material that is supposed to hold it steady, then that side would be the backside. If it has similar designs on both sides, then any side can be used as its upside.

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