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    Accessories you fridge with beautiful Fridge Magnets

    Fridge magnets or wooden fridge magnets are small objects producing magnetic fields which are attached to some attractive or artistic ornaments so that it compliments with your fridge beautifully. They can be made with rubber, PVC, metal, porcelain, epoxy etc or by mixing some of these materials.

    Many of us have grown up seeing magnets on our fridge, or on the fridge of our relatives but we never understood why we use them? Along with acting as a decor for your fridge, it is really helpful for people who forget things easily as you can attach important notes or to-do list, pictures on it as well

    The first fridge magnets or magnets to be used on a fridge was invented by Sam Hardcastle, by creating a method to mix iron oxide with vinyl which resulted in his magnets having more potential or his magnets held onto the surfaces completely. They were cylindrical in shape after which flexible magnets were developed. As we find distinct north and south poles in conventional magnets, flat fridge magnets reflect magnetization during manufacturing by alternating north and south poles on the refrigerator side. 

    Why do people buy fridge magnets?

    Collecting fridge magnets is considered a hobby, with some people having a special collection as they collect magnets from their travels which are sold at souvenir shops all around the world. Though there is no specific term for such collectors Russians have coined the term memo magnetics and the collector would be called memo magnetist. Louise J Greenfarb holds a Guinness world record for largest verified fridge magnet collection with 19,300 items in 1997 which grew up to 29000 in 2002 and over 30,000 later on. 

    Fun facts about magnets

    • Some magnets can be found naturally in the earth such as lodestones
    • A magnet reflects north and south pole, if you cut the magnet into half both the pieces will have their own north and south pole
    • Hammering a magnet leads to magnets losing their properties of producing magnetic field as they are in north-south alignment and upon hammering they move in random directions
    • The magnetic field produced by the earth is 1000 times weaker than what we find in a typical magnet
    • The magnetic poles of the earth are moving 5 miles each year
    • Along with earth, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are the only planets which contain magnetic fields
    • To pick up scrap metals from junkyards, cranes usually use a huge electromagnet
    • Roller coasters often contain electromagnet to keep the cars with the track
    • Some breakfast cereals have so much iron in them that its pieces can be attracted by magnets
    • The world’s most powerful magnets are at Los alamos national laboratory situated in Mexico and at Florida state university
    • Most of the fridge magnets used in our homes are made up of iron.

    Where can you find the best range of fridge magnets online with the best price?

     Well, you are the right place,  iTokri handicraft store  provides gorgeous handpainted fridge magnets online such as miniature handpainted pinewood fridge magnet by Akriti founded by Rajesh and Monali, they have been involved in creating exclusive home decor with miniature paintings with due diligence, wooden fridge magnets or Sheesham woodblock fridge magnet which is hand-carved, and many more options to choose from the comfort of your home, delivered right at your doorstep with just a click. Buy fridge magnets online India along with a wide range of various products like handmade mirrors online, clothing stuff like  sarees  or  fabrics,  copper bells,  jewellery,  bowls online,  cutlery online  etc.

    Why choose iTokri?

    iTokri provides with 50,000+ products in stock at any point of time so that you never have to worry about getting your favourite product online, we ensure quality on each of our product and provide with handmade, made in India products to support the Indian economy and artisans which are delivered all around the globe with our international shipping option along with multiple payment options to choose from including credit card, debit card, wallets, PayPal for international customers, an easy return and 7-day refund policy due to which we have over 2,00,000 verified customers all around the globe.

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