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    Patwa thread Craft is a tribal Rajasthan art form featuring bright colors, eye-catching beads, and unique knots. These craftsmen were weavers who made colorful jewels and traveled from village to village to sell their work.

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    Process of Patwa Threadwork

    Patwa comes from the Hindi word "pat" meaning silk, and those who make silk and cotton yarn are called "Patwa". Patwas are made using a special technique of tying knots and wrapping threads. In this technique, craftsmen use multiple silk threads of different colors and weave them together. This thread further leads to beads.

    Patwa Threadwork of Rajasthan

    There is a myth that at the wedding of Lord Shankar and Parvati, there was no priest to perform the ceremony. A pair came out of Vishnu's chest, and the man performed his priestly duties. After the wedding, Vishnu told him to make silk ornaments for his livelihood. Therefore, a group of people is known as Patwa. They are said to have migrated to Maharashtra, Rajasthan ,and Gujarat. These artisans traveled from town to town to sell jewels wrapped in thread, along with other trinkets and trinkets, such as nail polish, wooden toys, or other items bought for resale.

    Look Beautiful With Patwa Pieces Of Jewelry 

    If you want to keep up with the latest jewellery trend, y...

    Look Beautiful With Patwa Pieces Of Jewelry 

    If you want to keep up with the latest jewellery trend, you must try Patwa Jewellery. Jewellery trends keep changing frequently, but some designs are timeless. Patwa Jewellery is one such beautiful, elegant, and classy jewellery design that all jewellery lovers keep a close watch on. Patwa jewellery, which first originated from the Patwa community, is a traditional Rajasthani tribal craft. InPatwa thread work, the string thread is made with tiny glass beads, and then the pendant is given various unique designs.Patwa craft is practised for making necklaces, earrings, hairpins, and bracelets. The necklace and earrings are among the most in-demand products.Rajasthan Patwa crafts are loved worldwide, and the art and skill of this gorgeous jewellery craft have also spread to some parts of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Patwa jewellery can be worn with any outfit, be it formal or casual, or for any event - like a casual outing or formal evening. So explore their versatility and get your hands on some Patwa jewellery available at iTokri. 

    Rajasthani Patwa thread work jewellery is now available from iTokri, which has a marvellous collection ofPatwa threadwork necklace sets, earrings, bangles, anklets, bracelets, and many more! You canbuy Patwa thread work crafts online, only from iTokri, India’s number one destination for all lovers of handicrafts and handmade items! These designs are so beautiful that they will surely mesmerize you! Patwa exudes vibrancy with a hint of the tribal touch, making it all the more unique. You can pair it up with a saree, with Kurtis, long skirts, palazzos and even jeans. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these beautiful items today!

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    iTokri has the best collection of Patwanecklace sets and other Patwa jewellery. But that is not it! We also have in stock a vast collection of different jewellery likeMeenakari work bangles, Dhokra jewellery, and many more. Our jhumkas, chokers, toe rings are most sought after. We have oxidised sets, alloyed ones, copper ones, silver and golden ones. The beadworks are getting a lot of love these days from our beloved customers. We also have a jaw-dropping collection of clothing items, like sarees, Kurtis, dress material, scarves, etc. We also offer accessories such as  handbags,  key rings, and  home decor items such as portraits, statues, and many more! The quality of each item is superior because we make sure to handpick everything with love and care so that our customers can get the absolute best and authentic products. So what are you waiting for? Get your iTokri products today!

    Why Choose Itokri?

    Well, there are many reasons to choose iTokri. The first is that we offer our customers the best and most authentic products from all corners of India. We never compromise on the quality of the items. We aim to keep our customers happy and smiling. iTokri products are unique and exclusive. Handmade by the hardworking and super talented artisans of India. Help local artisans by buying local and from authentic boutique e-commerce sites like iTokri. Artisans everywhere have suffered a lot due to the pandemic and economic slowdown. So a tiny contribution towards keeping Indian arts and crafts alive makes a significant impact on the livelihood of these struggling artisans. So let us all stick together in these challenging times. 

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    Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

    1. How is Patwa Thread Jewellery made?

    Patwa thread jewellery is made with a unique knotting and wrapping technique. Here, the artisans use a variety of silk threads of multiple colours and entwine them together. Then, a different knot is made by using beads and adding other designs to the pendants. 

    2. Why is Patwa threadwork so famous?

    Patwa threadwork was first introduced by the tribe of Patwa in Rajasthan. This threadwork is unique and gives you a very vibrant yet elegant look. Due to its traditional and tribal touch, Patwa jewellery is in high demand in the market. It also looks good with everything. Thus investment in Patwa jewellery is an intelligent choice!

    3. What is the speciality of the Rajasthani Patwa thread?

    Rajasthani Patwa thread is of excellent quality. The traditional craftsmen of the Patwa tribe use this thread to make the Patwa thread work. It is made of vibrant coloured threads and pendants, with the final items looking beautiful and eye-catching. They look good with traditional as well as casual or formal wear.

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