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    Handcrafted Tissue Boxes

    Shop gorgeous handmade tissue boxes online with iTokri

    Handmade tissue boxes made with rigid boards are eye-catching artistic, hand-painted boxes that have been quite popular on iTokri for their sturdiness and their take on Indian art that expresses India's rich culture and exquisite craftsmanship. Tissue boxes are handcrafted, made of wood, cleaned with a clean, dry cloth(make sure to keep them away from water or liquids), and are specially made for containing tissues and paper napkins.

    You can buy tissue boxes from iTokri that vary in terms of materials used and designs, creating unique patterns and fabric work on the beautiful decorative boxes. These tissue boxes come in a wide variety of fabrics and motifs, each symbolising the taste of different parts and cultures of India.

    Varieties can be noted, from the elegant Bengal Kantha Work on the handmade tissue boxes to boxes embellished with handloom Mashru silk fabric.

    The size varies for certain boxes, all of which are mentioned in the product’s descriptive boxes and the tissue box prices to make it easier for the customers to buy boxes online. Boxes are made of rigid boards. Some even use Sheesham wood that improves the sturdiness and grandeur of the decorative tissue boxes and makes it a beautiful addition to collection sets, showpieces, tableware sets etc.

    iTokri and their authentic handmade decor- handmade tissue boxes and many others:

    iTokri handicrafts store provides the best hand-painted tissue boxes that are carefully handcrafted to showcase India's art, regional craftsmanship and the unique local culture passed down generations through the patterns and fabric, making it look gorgeous sturdy and exquisite. The tissue box price online is listed on the website. You can also buy tissue box holders online for cars.

    On the iTokri website, along with handmade tissue boxes, buy handmade table runners, salt and pepper pots, paper cutters, Napkin holders and enjoy the vast options of many other handmade original Indian products available online and have international shipping available.


    How long is a standard tissue box?

    Tissue boxes are usually rectangular and cover 21.5 × 11.5 × 10.5 cm in size as per the standard size for a tissue box. Most iTokri tissue boxes are more or less the same in size and are around 20-26 cm long, while a few can differ from that, and some are small in size to resemble the dimensions of napkin holders. Width is usually around 10 cm to 14 cm, and height ranges from 5 cm to 7.5cm. 

    Further information and description of the boxes and how long or wide they are, is provided in the descriptive space below the product in the iTokri website to make it easier for the viewers to buy tissue boxes online. Napkin holders are also purchased along with or in place of tissue boxes.

    Where do you put tissue boxes in a car?

    Tissue boxes can be safely adjusted in the glove box of a car, the car’s armrest if it's big enough to fit the box or can be attached to the sun visor with the help of tissue box holders that are readily available online. In the case of small space of the glove box or armrest, napkin holders prove helpful.

    iTokri tissue boxes are a must in a car. As they are easy to afford and keep handy, they are often kept mandatory in a car to keep things neat and clean, and their exquisite appearance gives interiors an elevating glow and style. In addition, tissue paper boxes are cheap and portable and thus have the advantage of being placed anywhere in a car for the comfort of the passengers and driver.

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