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    The traditional Indian saree is perhaps the most recognised form of fabric globally. The saree is an iconic Indian garment that women have worn for centuries. They are often associated with femininity and elegance. Sarees can come in various styles and fabrics in today's world, such as cotton, ajrakh, and block-print sarees.

    The quintessential Indian garment, the saree, is perhaps the most versatile item of clothing known to man. Stitched together using yards and yards of fabric, sarees can be worn in various styles, making them the perfect outfit for almost any occasion. So whether you prefer the classic look of a handloom saree, the bold designs of a block-printed saree, or the unique flavour of a tye-dye saree, there is a saree out; there for every woman, and the best part is that you can make your own! With a little bit of knowledge, you can turn simple materials into beautiful garments, and the best part is that you can make them in any colour, pattern, or design.

    Indian sarees are a cultural heritage that has been preserved for centuries. Explore the world of hand-painted, embroidered, woven or tie-dyed Indian saree with us at iTokri. From traditional to contemporary patterns in cotton fabrics like raw silk, georgette, chiffon or crepe cloths - you can find it all here! The Indian saree is one of the most elegant and classy garments. It's also versatile in many ways, making it an ideal garment for any occasion - formal or informal. Browse through our curated collection now!

    Indian Handloom Sarees Online For An Effortless Festive Look

    The first saree was a handloom saree. It was made by the weavers using their own hands. They used different types of yarns like cotton and silk. The weavers wove the sarees using complex patterns and colours. It is considered one of the most prestigious forms of sarees. 

    The handloom saree, also known as the churidar saree, is a type of saree that is woven by hand. This saree is characterised by natural, unstabilised fibres, such as silk and cotton, and is typically woven on a hand-operated loom. The traditional churidar saree is most often made from cotton but can also be made from silk. The ajrakh print saree is a variant of the handloom saree.

    Your search for online handloom sarees ends at iTokri. With its expertise and ability to provide various types of sarees online, it has established itself as one of the leading and promising brands that give the best handloom sarees online in India. iTokri also sells shibori tie and dye sarees and ajrakh hand block print saree

    Different Types Of Sarees You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

    It is a dream of every Indian woman to fill their wardrobe with different sarees that they love. But, every saree a woman buys is the next thing she will wear on the next occasion. Therefore, there aren’t enough sarees with them ever. So, be it any occasion, we always fail to find the perfect type of saree at once. iTokri is here to make your dream come true. Check out the collection of various types of sarees:

    1. Ajrakh Print Saree: Ajrakh print sarees are woven by the Khatris community in Gujarat, and they are distinguished by their contrasting colour patterns, such as blue with red. Through the help of natural ingredients for dyes like indigo, madder, pomegranate bark, and seeds, the beautiful Ajrak block print sarees are made. 
    2. Block Print Saree: The most popular sarees in India are block prints. These textiles are woven out of cotton and are characterised by their bright colours and geometric patterns. Block print sarees are woven using block printing, which involves carving designs out of wooden blocks and pressing dyed cotton against them. The patterns on block print sarees vary from region to region, village to village, and sometimes even from weaver to weaver.
    3. Batik Print Saree: With the increase in appreciation and acknowledgement of local art and craft, Batik sarees are becoming popular. To make Batik, either a spouted tool called a canting is used to draw dots and lines of the resist, or the resist printed with a copper stamp.
    4. Handloom Ikat Sarees Online: Resist dyeing in Ikat involves wrapping individual yarns tightly in the desired pattern, after which they are dyed. Then, to produce elaborate and multicoloured patterns, the bindings can be rearranged for personalised designs and dyed again. iTokri is your go-to place to buy handloom sarees online.
    5. Silk Saree: Silk saree is the most expensive saree. It is made from silk and is worn by women in state functions and functions of a religious nature. The most famous silk sarees are the ajrak sarees of Gujarat, made of finely woven cotton. The handloom ajrak saree has intricate patterns formed with hand-operated machines. The silk saree has been the symbol of royalty and dignity for centuries. It symbolises beauty, grace, and elegance in the Indian subcontinent.
    6. Cotton Sarees: iTokri’s cotton sarees are known for their comfort. You will feel extreme comfort and fall in love with the fabric as soon as you wear it. Moreover, the cotton fabric allows you to enjoy yourself in a problematic garment like a saree during any occasion where you wear it.

    Gift A Handloom Saree On Any Occasion From iTokri

    The saree, an Indian national costume, symbolises honour and elegance. There is a special moment when a woman receives her first saree as a wedding gift, and it is a moment that she will never forget. Gifting a saree has been a tradition among families for generations. It is a unique way to honour a woman and let her know that she is loved, cherished, and appreciated. Also, the saree is a versatile garment, and it can be worn in a variety of styles depending on the occasion and mood. 

    Gifting a saree is one of the most extraordinary and thoughtful ways to show someone you care. The moment when a woman is given a saree is an incredibly memorable experience. The look on her face when she realises that you have chosen a piece of fabric that will be her new favourite thing to wear is priceless. When you gift a saree, you give the woman in your life the opportunity to express herself through fashion and feel beautiful about herself.

    If you are looking for a saree for the remarkable woman in your life, you have come to the correct place. iTokri has various sarees such as ajrakh saree online, applique work saree, handmade sarees, Sambalpuri ikat saree, hand block print saree, shibori saree, tussar silk saree, etc. It is one of India's best places to buy handloom sarees online. With our super fast delivery service, you can receive your product before your special occasion.

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    iTokri is a  handloom store that specialises in all types of products. It believes in providing you with the best shopping experience through its user-friendly website, fast delivery, and high-quality products at affordable prices. You can now buy sarees online from our store and check out our other  dupattas online,  cotton masks,  fabrics online,  stoles,  home and kitchen,  handmade jewellery,  woolens,  tribal paintings,  send rakhi online,  Holi hampers,  Diwali gifts, etc. If you have a big occasion to give bulk order, we also deal in it. We provide international orders too. 


    1. What does the saree symbolise?

    Indian women have used Sarees for many centuries. It is an heirloom passed by our ancestors for thousands of years. It symbolises the Indian culture across the world. Furthermore, it also represents royalty, elegance, and beauty among the varied types of clothing. 

    2. Which colour saree is in trend?

    Currently, silver or golden tissue silk sarees are in trend. Many celebrities are also spotted wearing saree of this colour. 

    3. Which sarees are in fashion now?

    Since ancient times, these pure or chiffon mixed silk sarees have been a hit with all Indian skin tones and body types. Khaddi Georgette Sarees in pastel yellow and pastel blue are also popular. You can also drape your saree stylishly, which is another trend among young girls during their farewell and gathering events.

    4. How can I look beautiful in a saree?

    To look beautiful in a saree, it is necessary to follow specific tips. First, choosing the suitable fabric for the saree is needed to make you feel comfortable. The correct colour for your skin tone is also an important point. Next, select the style of drape that you think looks best on you, and make sure the blouse fitting is correct. Lastly, wear some gorgeous jewellery to accompany your saree. 

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